Palmpay Fake Transfer & Payment Alert: How to be Safe

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Palmpay fake transfer

You’re here, probably because you’re searching for how to do fake transfer on Palmpay. No doubt about the fact that Palmpay is a legit app. However, some scammers are now using the app to defraud unsuspecting individuals, especially POS agents.

In this post, I’ll show you how scammers do Palmpay fake transfers and how not to fall victim to such scams. You need to read this, especially if you’re a POS agent.

Literally, what the scammers do is that they walk into a POS agent that’s using Palmpay Pos. They’ll then ask to make the transfer to the Palmpay wallet of that agent in a request for cash.

Once the agent agrees, they’ll open their Palmpay app and pretend as if they want to make a fund transfer.

Palmpay Fake transfers receipt

But what they will do instead is request for money from them. Once they make the request, Palmpay will send them a transaction receipt for the request which is not so different from the normal transfer receipt.

At the same time, Palmpay will also send an alert to the POS agent. Again, the alert looks almost exactly like the normal alert they usually receive for legitimate funds received.

If the agent is not careful enough or is in a hurry to look carefully, they will not suspect the fraud and will lose money as a result.

So in order not to fall for this scam we advise that you always double-check any alert you receive from Palmpay.

What to do if you’ve already been scammed with a PalmPay fake transfer alert

In case you’re already a victim of this scam, what you can do is contact Palmpay Customer Care for support. They may still be able to reverse your money if it hasn’t been withdrawn. You may also want to report to the police if the money is too much.

I hope you’ve learned how Palmpay Fake Transfer is being done now and also how to prevent it. If you have any questions, do ask and I’ll respond ASAP.

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  1. I have issues with my pampay,,,,someone wants to send money for me but the person mistaken send it to my old number but I didn’t open pampay with the number but it brings my name, and that number was lost

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