How to Repay FCMB Fast Cash Loan On or Before Due Date

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First City Monument Bank provides FCMB Fast Cash loan to assist their qualified customers in meeting their immediate financial needs.

Through the FCMB mobile app or USSD code *329*11#, you can quickly and simply apply for this loan without having a need to submit any collateral or paperwork.

It’s a good practice to repay your FCMB Fast Cash loan before or on the due date in order to avoid late payment fees and keep your credit score intact. Here is a thorough instruction on how to successfully repay your FCMB Fast Cash loan:

FCMB Fast cash Repayment Options:

There are several ways to repay your FCMB Fast Cash loan:

Direct Debit: This is when you put enough money in yohr account and allow the bank to debit you on the due date. This is done automatically, so you don’t need to effect the repayment.

If you’re a salary earner, you can authorize FCMB to automatically deduct the loan amount from your FCMB salary account on the due date. This ensures timely repayment and eliminates the risk of late payments.

FCMB Mobile App: If you want to make repayment before the due date, this is the best option. Use the FCMB mobile app to make loan repayments from any of your linked FCMB accounts.

Simply log in, and go to the Loans section. Select the current loan you’re on and follow the prompts to make a payment.

FCMB USSD Code: You can also make repayment for FCMB fast cash loan through the usss code *329*11#. Just dial this code on your registered phone (with FCMB) and follow the instructions to make a loan repayment.

This option is most convenient for those who don’t have access to the internet or the FCMB mobile app.

FCMB Bank Branches: You can also visit any FCMB branch near you and make a cash payment to clear your Fast Cash loan.

Due Date and Late Payment Charges:

Depending on the loan amount, FCMB Fast Cash loan usually has a due date of 30 to 180 days from the date of disbursement. Late payments will incur additional fee of 1.5% of the outstanding amount per month.

To avoid this penalty charges, make sure you plan your repayments well and ensure you make the full payment on or before the due date.

Maintaining a Good Credit History:

Note that timely repayment of your FCMB Fast Cash loan let the bank know about your creditworthiness and add positively to how much they can borrow you again. A good credit history is essential for accessing future and higher loans and financial products on favorable terms.

Tips for Effective Repayment:

Set Payment Reminders: Although, FCMB will send you SMS to notify you to repay your loan, you can set phone alarms to remind yourself of date of upcoming loan repayments.

Make a Repayment Plan: To make sure you have enough money to pay back your loans on time, create a budget that includes both your monthly income and spending.

Prioritize Loan Repayment: There will always be something to spend money on, but make sure you set aside money for loan repayments as a top priority.


By using the provided guidelines and flexible repayment choices, you can easily handle your FCMB Fast Cash loan, keeping your credit in good shape. Timely repayments are key for your financial health and pave the way for future opportunities.

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