What is Another Name for Opay Bank? Same as Paycom?

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There’s been a lot of confusion as to whether OPay is the same as Paycom. Many users are also asking, what is Another Name for Opay Bank?

You might be a bit puzzled by how people use OPay and Paycom interchangeably and want to know why.

No worries! In this blog post, we’ll be your friendly guide to clear up any confusion and help you understand the differences between these two companies.

We’ll answer questions like:

  • What is another name for Opay?
  • What is another name for Paycom?
  • Is Opay the same as Paycom?
  • Differences between Opay and Paycom
  • Many more

Is Opay the same as Paycom?

OPay and Paycom are not the same. They are two distinct companies that operate in different industries and locations.


OPay is a mobile-based platform that provides various financial services, such as mobile wallet, bill payments, and money transfers.

It was founded in 2018 and primarily operates in African countries like Nigeria, Egypt, and Kenya.

Paycom Inc

Paycom Inc., on the other hand, is an American company founded in 1998. The company specializes in providing cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software solutions.

Paycom helps businesses manage payroll, HR, benefits administration, talent acquisition, and other employee-related processes.

Opay or PayCom Nigeria Limited is never affiliated with the company PayCom in the United States. Name is similar but they have nothing in common.

What is Another Name for OPay?

OPay was initially known (in Nigeria) as Paycom Nigeria Limited. However, after it was acquired by Opera Group, the new owner, in this case, (Opera Group), rebranded the name from Paycom Nigeria Limited to OPay. However, till today, the company (Opay) continues to use Paycom in some places in their platforms.

You may see the term PayCom or Paycom Nigeria Ltd as the bank name especially when you want to transfer money to an Opay account. Bear in mind that the term paycom in this regard is a short form of paycom Nigeria Ltd.

What is Another Name for Paycom?

Paycom doesn’t have another name, as it operates under the same brand name worldwide. Founded in 1998 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.

Differences between OPay and Paycom

Business Focus

  • OPay is a digital payment platform that primarily focuses on enhancing payment inclusion in Nigeria. It enables users to carry out various payment services, such as sending and receiving money, recharging airtime, and paying bills.
  • Paycom is a U.S.-based HR software company that assists businesses in managing their employees’ inventory, offering services in business continuity management, information security management, privacy information management, and quality management systems.

Founding and Location

  • OPay was rebranded in 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria, after Opera Group acquired PayCom Nigeria Limited.
  • Paycom was founded in 1998 in Oklahoma City, United States.

Parent Companies

  • OPay is owned by a Chinese billionaire, Yahui Zhou, through his web browser company, Opera Group.
  • Paycom is an independent company based in the United States.

Services and Partnerships

  • OPay works alongside popular Opera services like OKash, OBus, OTrike, OWealth, OFood, and many others.
  • Paycom provides professional services in various areas of human resources and employee management.

In summary, OPay (formally Paycom Nigeria Ltd) and Paycom Inc are two distinct companies that operate in different industries and are not affiliated.

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