EasyBuy Customer Care Number, Whatsapp & Email Address

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You need Easybuy customer care number? Want to chat with Easy Buy whatsapp number and get your issues fixed?

Here in this post, you’ll find how to contact this company from the comfort of your house.

Easybuy customer care number

Easybuy phone number to call whenever you want to reach out to them via phone call is +23418888188. You can call this number within their working hours from 9 am – 5:30 pm, Mon-Fri.

EasyBuy Whatsapp Number

This contact gives you an opportunity to talk and interact with the Easy Buy 24 hours a day. The Easybuy customer care whatsapp number is +23418888188.

You don’t have to leave your house before you resolve your banking issues. Right there on your phone you can get them solved.

EasyBuy Email address

You can reach out to EasyBuy by sending an email to this address and be sure they’ll attend to your question as soon as possible. Their emai address is support@easybuy.loans

Connect on social media

If you prefer to reach out to  ten in any of your social media accounts, you can do so also.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/EasybuyNG

Find their page on Facebook or Twitter and connect with them. Alternatively you can comment on any of their post.

Make sure you don’t drop any of your sensitive information like password, pin or OTP on social media to avoid being scammed.

A word of caution

Be careful while searching for easybuy phone number online so as not to fall victim of scam. The following numbers ARE NOT from easybuy but some other bloggers have them on their blog 08076543210 and +2347043257113. Do not call any of those numbers to stay save.

Once again, this 018888188 is the only easybuy phone number you should call. They do not have any other phone number apart from that.

What you can do with Easybuy contact

Get updated and reliable Information on any of the company’s financial services
Request for your loan balance.

Note that you will be asked some security questions to ensure you’re the real owner of the account.

Resolve loan problems

Ask questions about their loan features
Any other complaints related to this company


Now you can chat with easybuy whatsapp number or call their official line to get your issues resolved in minutes.

You can also visit Easybuy stores and offices near you to get your issues resolved.

If you have any other questions, do ask and we’ll be glad to respond as soon as possible.

All rights reserved. Do not copy, rewrite or republish this content, in part or in whole, without proper credit to the source.

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  1. Am sick and tired of eazy buy how will i make my payment and it not reflect in my account of eazy buy help me resolve it please

  2. Good pm ‘m Titilayo Mercy, pls I never requested for 64,000 from EASYBUY and my acc is credited with 64k to pay 90+, pls kindly remove it , I don’t need it and ev if I want a loan it will be a million+

  3. My name is Tobechi Okotie, please and please I never requested for from easybuy this month, and my account was credited with 400,000 please I don’t need this loan kindly withdraw the money back please

  4. Please i don’t need this vip loan,a guy called me from easy buy ask me to click withdraw on my easybuy app and they disbursed #181000 to pay #2,98620 please they should take their money back,the interest rate is high

  5. Please I wake up this morning and see alert of 200k from easybuyloan which I never requested for it, I understand the fact that I’m a VIP customer, but in this particular one I didn’t requested for loan after I received a call from easybuy few weeks ago to get a loan I didn’t think about it nor have it in mind please kindly take the money back I’m not in need of loan for now thanks

  6. I want to block a phone I bought from easybuy. Yesterday 31st Dec I was rubbed on my way from church and need to block the phone.
    I don’t know how to go about it. Pls help me . I would have like to tracking it but I don’t know how much will that will cost

  7. I’ve problem with my payment,I paid 8500 since last month but not been deducted from my loan acct,that ave been send me a message to repay

  8. Good afternoon easybuy,I am here to lodged a complain,I am supposed to pay my loan for three months,which are November, December and January.on the 13 of last month easybuy removed my payment by themselves as usual, 2days letter which is on the 15 , easybuy illegally removed #9873 again,I have complained to their online customer care but no meaningful response..as a result of that I assume I have paid for the month of December with that money illegally removed from my account,now Ur agents has been calling me sending me threatened messages.pls I urges appropriate investigation to b carried out so that things go on rightly..

  9. I bought a phone, I tried to pay the last payment to WEMA bank as usual at the due date and it failed, eventually someone from easy buy contacted me the best day and gave acc to into moniepoint. Which I did, later they are calling me threatening me that I am owing #190. was it my fault that wama bank defaulted?
    This is the second time easy buy is threatening me.

  10. Good Afternoon Easy Loans, My name is Omoregbee Eguavon ( *). I got Easy Buy Loan this morning at 4.59a.m today. I got N48,000 loan. My complaint is that I don’t like weekly repayment plan because it’s not convenient for me but I prefer monthly repayment plan. So, I will repay it back right now into your Monie Point Microfinance Bank Account. Merrify/New Edge. Account No: 6291232567. Thank you.

  11. My girlfriend is owing and due to the issues she has with her sim card, she can’t receive calls and she can’t access her bank account. The last time an easy buy agent spoke to her, the agent told her that she’s owing 6k, she paid the 6k on Sunday last week and the phone is still locked. Pls I want to know how much she owing if that the case here. And I would like to speak to an agent.

  12. Please I requested for a loan and I can see it in my easy buy account but is not reflecting in my bank account

  13. I what to reform the money. because I don’t request for anymoney. And I don’t have anymoney to pay back.

  14. Pls kindly let easy buy services to stop accessing my apps after I have paid for this month money,I can’t open any other app their message keep popping out.

  15. I posted money wrongly into is my account you saw the customer service said the cash loan I borrowed I don’t suppose to pay the money to the easy buy account how can I get my money back

  16. I have a problem there is a money I miss post to is it by account and I’m trying to know if you people can refund the money back to me because I borrowed loan from easy buy and my problem is that I posted money to the former account so how can I get my money back from your company

  17. My account was credited with 140000 today 18/11/23 this evening to pay back with 184200.08 l am not interested with the money,l have sent it back immediately.in the app there is still 46120 to pay back,l didn’t use the money at all.pls clear that money and don’t tampered my account.

  18. Easy buyer company are all thief’s and scammers… I borrowed 140,000 and the told me I ll be paying 39,595 every month… they Frustrated me to pay it 6times which calculated to 235,000 I was surprise and confused, like why ll Dey do such..? Cus am going to pay blogger to on this issue… I have been trying to chat there customer service.if I drop the issue,they ll be snubbing me… my name is (Aneke Jude)…

  19. Easybuy creditted my account with #83000 to repay #130596. You people should collect your money from my account because am not interested. And am not paying back

  20. Please I made a mistake of sending 19,500 to 6339349879 instead of 13,500 for the phone I bought from easy buy and, which was to be my last payment for the phone, please I need my 5,500 to be refund to me, please.

  21. I returned the sum of 179,000 to my virtual account yesterday. Reason being that it was not the intended loan amount. I am awaiting response from customer care to reapply for another loan amount. Please, treat as urgent. Thanks

  22. I am still waiting gor reply on the 179k which I returned to my virtual account. Reason being that amount is not what I intended to borrow as a VIP. I returned the said cash within one hour of receiving it.

  23. Please easy buy I bought someone phone without knowing the phone was bought by easy buy. I recognize that after 2days when the phone block by easy buy and don’t the person, and I already restore the phone before the phone was blocked, please how can I pay you the money to unlock the phone for me

  24. I don’t request any loan from easy buy and I received 60,000 this money so pls you people should go and remove that money from my account if not I will not pay that money I swear to my living god

  25. I sent money to the wrong account of New age Easybuy repayment loan account of Zenith Bank instead of New age easybuy 312232 Monify.

    How can I correct this and get it send to the usual account?

    Can you please me out here?
    We have been calling to no avail.

  26. my name is Joshua Brown. i bought an android phone at Alaba International market. The name of the phone is Techno pop 7 pro. the price on the list was #74,200.00. i was told to pay an initial deposit of #23,000.00 but i paid #25000.00 so that the interest rate will drop. i was given an offer to pay for 6months. The lady did her calculations and derived at #11,400.00 per month for 6 months. which will start from the 16th of November. she showed me from the easybuy app and i saw the amount #11,400.00, i was even telling her that the amount is too much but she said that that is the amount due to the duration of payment. I accepted. On the 27th of SEPTEMBER, 2023, i tried to opened the app to make my 1st payment and i saw #12,500.00 for me to pay. i called the shop and told them what i observed. the lady told me that she doesnt understand why it was like that that she would check it and that she will get back to me. i called after an hour and half later and she said she calculated and that is what i was to pay. i have to explained to her that it wasnt the initial agreement. she didnt know what to say. i cut the call and this morning 28th september, 2023, i checked it again in the morning and i saw #12,542.41k. i dont know why the continuous rise in the price when i have not even gotten to the period of my payment. if i do not get any response from you guys, i will return the phone and they will give me back my money. pls do something. i have spoken to the customer care agent through my brother today but she said we should send an email to the easybuy office.

  27. Hi they said am in for 300,000 but have been requesting for it you are not given me saying I should complete my request which I don’t see anything to complete pls how can you help me

  28. Please i mistakenly pay my loan repayment to the phone easy buy account and i don’t have another money to pay for the loan now, what can i do?
    The phone repayment is suppose to be next week.

  29. Safiriyu kodir adewale
    I made a mistake on my last payment instead of 12993 I paid 30000
    Pls I need your assistance

  30. Easy buy, I didn’t request for your loan and I saw 200k in my account, please remove your money I don’t need it.

  31. My name is Michael I can’t actually pay for what I didn’t request. When I saw that money I followed up with one of your staff he said I should pay it back from the app now dey said im owning. I can’t pay for it because you people can’t give me money without my knowledge. It’s crazy you give me 118,500.. I have my prove from the guys chat .

  32. Please I have paid for this month they keep debiting money from my account, please I want to know the reason why.

  33. Please I didn’t need the 38,000 naira you put in my account please,I have sent almost 33,000 back to you please I don’t need your loan

  34. Please I pray money to your account, I want to know she will return the money back from the next phone because I connect to phone me and my wife or that is why but the first phone the name there is olatunde the second name is yemisi the first phone in the payment 17,714.18 and the second phone 25199.98, and then I remove the 17,714.98, inside it was 25,199.19, energy help me to return the money back to the 17,714.18, to order phone thank you

  35. I did loan repayment yesterday around 10pm from my account Ocheje christopher 070446 but till now some of my app are still limited… what’s the meaning of this

  36. I didn’t request for a loan from you, i was contacted still going through the payment plan and then you people credited me for what na. If nothing is done by tomorrow morning i will have to report to the nearest police station near me. Please withdraw that money from my account.

  37. Dear Easy buy,

    Top of the day to you. I was in church today when I saw the credit of three hundred thousand naira #300,000 in my fcmb account that I didn’t request for.

    Your account officers or agent has called me three time after I paid the #100,000 I collected last month.

    My salary is #70,000 and It will be very difficult for me to repay #78,000. I have your sterling bank account number I can send the money back to because I don’t NEED the money right now and I believe it is a SYSTEM ERROR.

    Kindly advise as I am ready to credit the easy buy sterling bank account numbers generated for me last month when your system is down.


  38. I requested for loan of 50k but I didn’t receive any peny and is showing that themoney has being send to me

  39. Pls i received a loan of #54000 yesterday 16/08/2023 and i never apply for any loan, pls how do i return the money cause i don’t need it and i don’t have any interest to pay ….
    Pls act to this as fast as possible…
    Below is my number ….

    Note: I have contacted the nearest easy buy center and they said nothing can be done ….

    Bye for now..

  40. I think it’s every month i did not no that’s it is every week and I can not pay it every week because I like esaybuy but you can leave it l should be paying it every month you can leave it but if you can not afford every month then remove your money back

  41. I did not request for any loan but you people credited me with 75000 to pay close to 40000 ..pls take your 75000 and your interest for one month..

  42. Easybuy has deducted more than the amount they should deduct from my account. The deduction that was done on my account on 08/08/2023 supposed to be 36,390.94 instead of 45,3111.7 which means they’ve deducted additional 8,920.77 and now is still showing that I’m still having outstanding
    11,800 to be paid. Pls kindly resolve this issue if you don’t want this message to go viral

  43. Please remove the 94,000 deposited in my account, I didn’t submit any loan application but you credited me with 94k to pay almost 130k, the money is still in the account, please remove it

  44. Please I’m writing to inform easybuy of my challenges, I have been defrauded and my business is almost gone. I am a VP customer and I have been paying up timely any time I collect loan. But due to the aforementioned challenge I want to plead with easybuy to please extend my loan to the month of December as I need some time to get on to business

    Best regards

  45. Am complaining about xcrosscash, my money was deducted by xcrosscash on 1st of August by 1:30am #27, 000 plus and I don’t have any loans with them please refund my money please and I have been trying to get in touch with the customer care service but no response.

  46. I have made a full payment of the phone my dad collect for you people and you still blocked the phone that am owning you if you don’t want me to come with my auditor to your office you better cancel the robish I put on the phone o don’t know maybe you have turn to 419 in your office

  47. Please stop sending me direct message to get loan everytime I don’t need your loan again…please from now henceforth erase all my details from your from your site permanently I don’t want to see it again😠

  48. Easybuy I don’t remember me borrowing money from you,then why this messages, please oo stop this a wrong information

  49. Please can you give me Easy Buy VIP loan , customer care number,.
    I didn’t request any loan from them and the credit my UBA Bank with amount of ₦17,000 : 00k ,now they are requesting me to pay back the money I did not borrowed, to pay back ₦23048.45. instead of ₦17000 : 00k
    Because I don’t request for any loan offer from Easybuy if not we I’ll meet in court
    My name: Donald John Adeoye

  50. Good evening Sir/Madam, my name is Inyang Dinah Effiong one o your VIP customer who has never failed to pay her loan. I have been accused by your company that I haven’t settled my loan moreover I have paid on my due date which was 15/07/2023,alot of threat and false accusations has been sent to me on the note that I have not paid please kindly clearly my debt I have paid and please kindly tell you machines or whoever to stop sending me messages bcus I don’t owe your company and please make sure nothing happens to my salary account if not I will sue the company bcus I have all the evidence to prove that I have paid please find a way to sort it out tnks. The last payment was 50,547.77 and the remaining amount was deducted by your company .

  51. Hi easy buy i collect loan 55000 And at ours you debit me 55000 and still you say i have it loan to you guys please stop debit my account or are will take necessary action to you guys or Are will carry you to the court you people are theft i swear to God if any one Naira The debit To My account i swear are will go to court with you already i tell my lawyer the issue he is are were this is my WhatsApp number 081×2 if you want call me 080x

  52. If u people don’t refund my money that u people keep debuting my account enh I will arrest that una agent

  53. Easybuy I have finished paying up for the phone I purchased I still got a debit alert of 15thousand for what na why are you people acting this way,are you people now practicing 419
    There’s this shop I did my easybuy phone and they’re all acting like criminal
    You people should refund my money

  54. I bought a phone from easybuy and I sent #6000 on the 3rd of March and the money is not reflect

  55. Eazybuy are just doing rubrish how could you debited me. you debited me and u dont even reduce my bill how mush did u want me to pay now whish kind level be that

  56. Please kindly refund me my 10k that you debited from my account before I escalate this issue… I already clear off my loan so why debit me 10k.. is this how you people do… looting people’s hard earned money… please kindly refund back my money

  57. Please return my 10k you debited from my account before I escalate this issue… you guy debited me after clearing my loans.. are you guys looting people of their money

  58. I collected vip loan loan #28000 but I never knew I’m to repay into a different acct & them I paid #8000 into 8815678140,monnify newedge which I have been paying my moni loan before pls return it to me let me pay to providus bank or update my acct, thank you.

  59. I sent money to the account given to me but I later realized they have changed the account

  60. Good morning Easy .my name is Whyte Etim a customer with Easybuy
    I collected a loan of 90,000 for three months tenure from Easy buy on February after I made the first payment easybuy depited my account account with 30,000 illegally because they have access to my bank.
    I have chatted with some of the workers and customer care yet nothing has been done.
    I have my evidence receipts depit.pls refund or rectify it on my dashboard to avoid all this embarrassment and harassment your people are giving me.thanks

  61. Please refund the money you people remove in my account 9,210 after you have block my phone still expecting me to pay for extra money? This really disappointing

  62. Please oo you easy buy refund my money back into my account because that is what is called frauding. paying double money when you have already remove 9,210 which I knew and you know that my last payment 10,101.68 instead of removing all the money , you rather debit me which it doesn’t appear in my payment app .why then block my phone am now scared of doing business with you now.seriouly this disappointing.

  63. Kindly refund my money back. I have paid up my loan and you still debited my account with 20,740

    Please do the needful before i shout to the world o.

  64. To day easybuy debited my account with a sum of 2,000 naira I don’t remember owning you people any money please help me to check that transaction over there my phone number and my account number are…..no..
    Bank account number….. sterling bank… …pls help me to check your record

  65. Pls I made yesterday around 1: 24pm yesterday and I’m seen I have to pay for my phone not to be block. Pls today is my due date

  66. Please kindly deduct the 33,000naira loan you just paid into my account, I didn’t not request for any loan, even if you want to give someone loan, you have to call the person to verify if he’s the one that wants to request for the loan and also do video call or they should take selfie picture for clarification.

  67. I’m a defaulter of like 2 months but I want to make payments on the 25th and also would like to review my payment plan from 4 months to 6months or more if possible, my phone has been locked for over a month now, pls I have d account details and want to resolve it, would like a reply sent to my email as soon as possible

  68. I have made a payment since on 13 of this month and up till now my phone is on red alart that I have not pay my loan which I have pay

  69. Please I have payed my loan since last month but they keep debiting money from my account I want it to stop please am tired

    1. I pay my loan and not knowingly I even add 506 please refund it to me as I didn’t cheat you, don’t cheat me is my sweat.

  70. Pls easy buy remove 32000 you put in my account. I didn’t request for it. I can’t get 32000 to pay 80000 , that’s madness. Pls remove it from my account. Its less than 30m minutes go. Pls contact me. (removed)

    1. Am not owning easybuy but they remove 32,000 from my account last time was 6,000 what is going on are you guys doing fruad now i so much love easy buy but now i don’t understand you guys should send my money back into my account

    2. Hello, I have the same issue, did they remove the money from your account or you pay it, I am curious to know coz I didn’t request for the loan

  71. I paid a day ago, and the payment status hasn’t reflected on the app..

    I want it sort out as soon as possible

  72. Please I have a problem of payment I have made my payment since yesterday and you people did not clear my loan and I need your e-mail address so that I can forward my receipt and my debit to you

  73. Hi you offered me exclusive loan I’ve bought phone on credit and paid within time frame why are you denying me loan I apply for my business now.

  74. Please I want to take loan you customer care offered me exclusive but when I got there it was showing failure try again after 30 days. Please I need clarification .

  75. Please I never requested for any loan from Easybuy and so the 35,000 sent into my account be removed

    1. Please can you give me Easy Buy VIP loan , customer care number,.
      I didn’t request any loan from them and the credit my UBA Bank with amount of ₦17,000 : 00k ,now they are requesting me to pay back the money I did not borrowed, to pay back ₦23048.45. instead of ₦17000 : 00k
      Because I don’t request for any loan offer from Easybuy if not we I’ll meet in court
      My name: Donald John Adeoye

    2. Please, I mistakly borrowed money from easy buy and I have been trying to return it that very day. Please can I return it now?

    1. Please I never requested for 122000 thousand and it was credited to my account. And the app shows that I have to pay back 192,261.48. And I didn’t request for such amount of money. I asked that the money be removed from my account immediately. Thank you

    1. Please, I mistakly borrowed money from easy buy and I have been try to return it back that same day. Please can I return it now?

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