How to change ADD FRIEND to FOLLOW on Facebook – 2022 updated

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Do you want to know how to change add friend to follow on Facebook in 2022? In this guide, you will learn how to replace and switch between these two buttons to suit your needs.

Nowadays, the trend of adding a follow button to Facebook profiles is increasing. When creating a new Facebook account, the “follow” button is by default disabled. Instead, there is an “add friend” button on the Facebook profile.

However, you can easily switch from add friend to follow in Facebook by following a few simple steps. This is a complete guide on adding a follow button on any personal Facebook profile.

Facebook follow button is perfect for you if:

  • You are a celebrity who choose to reach out to fans through his or her personal Facebook profile as opposed to creating a new Facebook page.
  • You have reached the maximum 5000 friends limit on Facebook and you want to have more followers.
  • You want your timeline to be free from unlimited friends post. In other words, you want to see posts only from a very few friends in your news feed.
  • You want strangers (people who don’t share mutual friends with you) to stop sending you friends request but will like them to be your followers instead.

Now to learn how to change add friend to follow in Facebook in 2022

How to change add friend to follow on Facebook in 2022

STEP 1: Log in to Facebook and click on the Small menu icon at this top right conner of the home page. Once the menu opens, click on Settings.

Alternatively, you visit if you don’t want to use Facebook App.

How to change Facebook add friend to follow button
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail

Step 2: click on “How people find and contact you”

STEP 3: Click on β€œWho can send you friend requests?”

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail

STEP 4: change it from “everyone” to “friends of friends”

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail

Make your posts public

The next step to set your Facebook posts to public so that your followers can see them.

Note that if you don’t make this change, you will only amass followers for nothing because they won’t be able to see your posts if they are not set to be seen by the public.

STEP 1: Go back to the Menu and click on Settings. Click on followers and public content.

Step 2: Then make the following changes

Who Can Follow Me: Public

Public Profile Info: Public

If you have completed the setup as explained in this guide, congratulations, you profile is now allowing people to follow you.

Note that: only people who are not connected to you in any way (as in, people who don’t have any of your friends as their friend) will see the follow button.

The friends of your Facebook friends are potentially your friends in the real world so they will still be able to send friend requests to you.

Presently, there’s no way to stop friends of your Facebook friends from trying to add you as friends. If you don’t want anyone to be your friend just ignore their friends request.

That’s all. You have successfully change add friend to follow in Facebook.

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    1. Glad it’s helpful. To pin post in your timeline, use Facebook app for Android (not Facebook lite). On the Facebook for Android you will see option to pin a post to the top. You may also need to update your Facebook app if it’s outdated.

    2. This is so helpful.

      I have been able to change it.

      Please, how do I make my followers number visible on my profile.

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