Is Chainmine Legit or Scam? – Login, App Sign up, Reviews 2023

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Chainmine comes to market promoting itself as a platform specialized in cryptocurrency mining.

Before thinking of investing in it, we will have to check if it is a legitimate company or if it is some kind of scam. We will also have to study Chainmine’s opinions to have all the information.

Through our analysis we will come to a conclusion about Chainmine.

What is Chainmine?

In essence, Chainmine is a platform that enables you to profit from bitcoin cloud mining. Launched very lately, Chain mine enables investors to profit when they purchase bitcoin or mine using their pre-existing mining pool.

What is Bitcoin Mining in the Cloud? Cloud mining for Bitcoin is the process of mining Bitcoin using a remote datacenter and a shared computing tool. This allows users to mine bitcoins without owning or managing the necessary hardware.

Simply simply, Chainmine rewards investments in cloud mining and the purchase of previously produced currencies. Nothing further.

How does Chainmine. Io work?

Registering on is the initial step towards doing any action on the platform. Upon doing so, you will receive 1000GH/s = 1TH/s for free.

After registering and earning your first miner’s credit, you can immediately begin mining. Actual miners will produce your Bitcoin 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without interruption.

You can deposit mined Bitcoins in a Bitcoin wallet or purchase additional Hardware Power to mine more. There’s a great deal more you can do with your Hardware Power profits, but for now, stick to this.

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Is Chainmine legit?

From the outset we must trust being in front of a broker that is not regulated.

Location and regulation

The truth is that the data related to its location and regulation are rather ambiguous.

  • On the platform it is stated that it is part of ChainMine LTD but this company is non-existent.
  • They also claim to have a base in the UK. But if we do the pertinent investigations, we will come to the conclusion that it has not been registered there. We do not know the actual location of the offices or the name of the actual owners.

As far as its regulation is concerned, we also did not find any related indication or the name of the entities that regulate it.


Chainmine’s interface is presented with a modern structure, adapted to the new times. The design is light, minimalist, but attractive at the same time.

The sections are laid out in such a way that they are easy to find to suit the knowledge of any type of investment (from beginners to more advanced investors).

At the top of the web we find the list of categories: Home, Pricing, Insights, About, FAQs, Affiliate .

It is interesting to highlight the last link: it means that the platform has its own affiliate system, although we do not know its conditions and real operation.

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On the main page we can find a very simple explanation of what the website offers, the most relevant news in the sector and the characteristics of using the platform.

To register, all you have to do is click on Start Now and then on Login .

account types

We have not found information that indicates the types of account with which the company works. It is very likely that you only have a simple account type.

Chainmine. Io contact

The page does not indicate any phone number. The only way to contact us is via email .

Bonuses or promotions?

At the moment, the company has not published any bonuses or promotions that users can take advantage of.

Chainmine Reviews

All the Chainmine reviews we read on the internet warn about the dangers of using this broker.

More than one user has lost their money and there is no possibility that the company will return it (unless a legal claim is successful).

It is possible to find positive opinions about the broker, but they are false. They can be found mainly on social networks and have been bought by the company itself to advertise itself.


Not only does chainmine keep the user’s money, but they try to ask for more through tax payment notifications, legalizations, or whatever comes to mind.

We can conclude that Chainmine is a scam.

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