How to activate Zenith Bank Account Online with your Phone

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Do you want to learn how to activate your Zenith bank account Number online?This post will show you how.

The Zenith Bank is not only one of the most successful banks in Africa but also one of the most important financial institutions in Nigeria. As a result of the bank’s steady expansion over the years, both in terms of its customer and asset bases, an increasing number of people have begun opening bank accounts at other financial institutions.

There are many different types of bank accounts available to meet the requirements of individuals, businesses, and corporations that can be found at Zenith Bank Nigeria. There is a wide variety of accounts offered by Zenith Bank Nigeria, each of which has its own set of prerequisites for opening a bank account with the bank.

However, the prerequisites for each account are outlined in the following paragraphs.
How to Get a Zenith Bank Account and How to Use It

Before this point, customers may open Zenith Bank accounts either directly at the bank or through one of the bank’s bankers. You are required to go to the bank, or the bank personnel will travel to you. But in today’s world, it is possible to open a bank account without physically going to the bank or seeking the assistance of a bank employee.

You can quickly open an account without leaving the convenience of your own home if you have a mobile phone. Let’s take a look at the many entry points that can be used to create a Zenith account.

Pay a visit to the bank: this is the initial step in setting up an account with Zenith.

With a banker: Bankers are often assigned an objective to meet. They don’t sit around and do nothing in the bank in order to reach these goals. In order to meet individuals and persuade them to create an account with them, they arrange demonstrations and make visits to schools, marketplaces, and other public spaces.

The majority of the time, the bank will hold events such as this one in order to publicize a new kind of account that they offer and to encourage more individuals to bank with them.

Internet banking: In recent years, it has become possible to open accounts online using a computer or a smartphone as the device of choice. These days, opening bank accounts in this manner is becoming increasingly common. In order to complete your transaction using this medium, you are required to have access to the internet.

USSD code: It is possible to open bank accounts using USSD code without connecting to the internet. This channel can be accessed with any phone, regardless of whether or not it is a smartphone, as it does not require an internet connection to function.

Instructions for Creating a New Account at Zenith Bank

Accounts at Zenith Bank can be opened either with or without a BVN number. There are steps that need to be taken in order to open an account at the bank or on the website.

Creating an Account at the Financial bank

You are need to follow these steps in order to open an account at any branch of Zenith Bank that is located near you.

Go into the bank with the necessary paperwork, and ask to speak with someone in the customer service department.

Make a request for the application necessary to open the kind of account you wish to.
Complete it, sign it in the appropriate areas, and then hand it over to the representatives of the customer care department.

After that, the account will be opened, and we will provide you with your account number as soon as we can.

If you submit an application for a card to be used at ATMs, you will be given one.

Establishing a User Account Via the Internet

You will need to go to the Zenith Bank website in order to open an account online. Once there, you will need to select the kind of account that you would like to open. After that, you will need to download a form and fill it out.

To finish the process, just follow the on-screen prompt. If you want to open an Eazy account with Zenith Bank using the online channel, the steps that are outlined below are what you need to do.

Visit the following website to open a bank account:

To create an online account, click the link.
Please provide your email address and contact number on the following page.
Indicate whether or not you have a BVN by selecting the appropriate check box, and then click on the Get Started button.

On the following screen, if you already have a BVN, you will be required to enter the BVN, the BVN phone number, and your date of birth before clicking the Validate BVN button.

On the following page, you will be asked to verify the information before clicking the create button.

On the following screen, if you do not already have a BVN, you will be required to provide your first name, last name, and date of birth before clicking the create button.
Instantaneously, the account will be made, and both the name of the account and its associated wallet number will be displayed.

Your regular phone number is added to the wallet number. 234
Alternately, you can decide what kind of account you wish to create, then download and fill out the form before beginning the online registration process.

After some time has passed, you can go to the branch of the bank to hand in any further requirements that were not submitted online.

A New Account Can Be Created Using the USSD Code

Dial *966*77#
Enter your last name
Fill in your first name here.
Please enter your birth date here.

If you adhere to the steps until the very end, an account for Zenith Eazy will be made available to you.

Account Opening Options at Zenith Bank and the Perks That Come With Them

Zenith Bank, just like the other major banks in Nigeria, offers a wide variety of checking and savings accounts to meet the requirements of its diverse clientele.

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There are different sorts of bank accounts available to accommodate a wide variety of customers, including students, people working in the public sector or earning salaries, business owners, and travelers.

Let’s take a look at these various kinds of accounts and the perks that come along with each one.

Account for Savings

People who intend to put money away in the form of saves are eligible for the savings account. When compared to a checking or current account, a savings account provides consumers with an incentive to save money in the form of interest.

Depending on the kind of savings account you wish to start with Zenith Bank, you can choose from a few different alternatives for your savings account.

Individual Savings Account: This type of account is designed for individuals who have the intention of saving money, either for the purpose of saving or with a particular objective in mind. The savings account provides an interest rate on the monies held within the account.

The following are some of the features and benefits:

Internet banking with a zero initial balance in the account
A rate of interest of 1.15 percent
MaasterCard/Verve/Visa deit card
App for mobile banking provided by Zenith
Alerts sent by text message and/or email

Aspire, a product of Zenith: The primary demographic for this kind of savings account is college students. The account gives Nigerian students the opportunity to pursue their goals and realize their potential.

Additionally, it provides support for them as they strive to achieve excellence.
The interest rate is currently 1.15 percent.

A one-of-a-kind MasterCard for as little as N500
Deep discounts

Alternately, the student may present a valid school identification card, admission letter, or NIN as a method of identification. Additionally, for individuals between the ages of 16 and 25, the student must submit the details of their parents or guardians.

Access to the EazySave Premium Account: Customers with limited or no forms of identification are eligible for the EazySave Premium account, which makes it easier for them to participate in the financial system.

The following are some of the characteristics and benefits:
A starting amount of zero and a percentage rate of 1.15%
Alerts sent by text message and/or email
Maximum deposit of N100,000 per deposit
Verve debit card

The highest possible balance on the account is N500,000.
EazySave Classic Account: The EazySave Classic account differs from the EazySave Premium account in that the EazySave Classic account has a maximum cumulative amount of N300,000, whereas the EazySave Premium account does not.
Maximum deposit of N50,000 per deposit

This is the type of account that can be started with the shortcode *966*77#. It is called a Zenith Eazy Account. Your phone number will serve as your account number for this particular account, and it comes with the following capabilities and advantages:
It is not necessary to provide an identification card, a utility bill, or any other kind of reference requirement.

You are able to transfer money to other banks using it.
At the ATM, you have the option to withdraw cash without using a card.
You are able to accomplish things such as pay bills and buy airtime, among other things.

The daily restriction for the customer’s account balance is a maximum of N300,000, and the customer can make withdrawals in increments of N20,000.
Customers who have their sights set on accomplishing a certain objective open a Save4me account to track their progress toward that objective.

They put their savings into the account, and the bank gives them interest on the money they have there. Due to the structure of the account, a customer has the ability to open an unlimited number of Save4me accounts, one for each of their goals. Included in the list of features and perks is an interest rate of 1.15% per annum.

A minimum of three months and a maximum of twelve months
You are not permitted to withdraw any funds within the first three months.
It requires a minimum deposit of N10,000 to open an account.
After a year, it is eligible to be carried over.

There are three possible intervals: daily, weekly, and monthly.
Account that is virtual for the primary account

The Zenith Children’s Account, often known as ZECA, is an account offered by Zenith Bank that enables parents to start putting money down for their young children at an early age. It is beneficial in that it teaches children how to save money.

The account is divided into two sections: one is for older children and teenagers, while the other is for younger children.

Children ages 0 to 12 can open a Zenith Children’s Account: It shares some of the features of other types of savings accounts as well as some of the additional perks, such as an option for a standing order credit, the lodging of a check or draft, and dividends.

Children’s Account at Zenith Bank for Adolescents (Ages 13–17): These accounts are owned by adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 years old. In addition to ZECA’s perks, account holders receive the convenience of a Naira MasterCard.

In order to teach youngsters how to handle money in a responsible manner and at the request of the children’s parents, a prepaid MasterCard has been issued to each of the children.

Everlasting Reckoning: People over the age of 60 are eligible for this particular kind of savings account. Free banking features, such as free SMS, a debit card, and a cheque book are included with the accounts.

Statements can be printed out for free.
Deals on vacations and other trips
They are given precedence over other customers at the branch.
Account Maintenance Fee Free of Charge (AMF)
Opening a single account will cost you nothing.

What You Need to Do to Get Started with a Savings Account at Zenith Bank

The following items are required by Zenith Bank in order to initiate the opening of a savings account:

A Form for starting an account that has been properly filled out and signed
In the event that the deposit is greater than N2,000,000, two credible and unaffiliated references are required.
One recent passport photograph
a valid form of identity, such as a passport, driver’s license, voter identification card, or national identification card. School identification or an admission letter is required for the Aspire account.
invoices for utilities that have been paid during the past three months
Certificate of Birth issued exclusively to ZECA for a Child
Only one of the child’s passports needs to be submitted to ZECA.
In the case of non-citizens, a residential permission is required.

The Most Recent Account

Transactions that occur on a daily basis are processed through the current account, which is sometimes referred to as a checking account. Account holders are granted the ability to make unlimited withdrawals, deposit cash and checks (cheques), pay utility bills, and access overdraft facilities through this feature.

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A current account, much like a savings account, may be one of the possibilities or varieties that are described and defined further below.

Personal Recurring Current Account: This kind of checking account must first comply with all of the Know Your Customer (KYC) criteria before it can be opened. Among the advantages count
Internet banking
Book of checks
Opening balance of the account is zero.
SMS/email alerts

USSD banking available in the Zenith Mobile App

Gold Standard Membership: Customers who have more cash coming in than going out are good candidates for this kind of current account. The fees associated with transactions are kept to a minimal, but interest is accrued at a rate that is above average on daily account balances.

This particular variety of checking account comes with a plethora of additional features and advantages. They are as follows:
1% interest rate applicable to a minimum balance of N1 million

Administration of Accounts Monthly charge if you make more than five withdrawals.
This account’s starting balance is one million Nigerian naira (N1,000,000).
Discounts on purchases made at a small number of retailers
Instances requiring immediate monetary transfers, etc.

Including any additional advantages of having a personal checking account
Platinum Premium Account: This is the current account that offers the highest interest for users that have more transactions coming in than going out.

In addition to this, it imposes the lowest possible transaction fees and offers the highest possible interest rates on daily account balances. One of its many advantages and characteristics is an interest rate of 1.6%, which is applicable to accounts with a minimum balance of N3 million.

Opening balance of the account of 3 million Naira
Inclusion of additional privileges and capabilities offered by the Gold Premium account

Requirements for Creating a Checking or Savings Account

The following are some of the prerequisites that you need to meet in order to open a current account at Zenith Bank:

A application form that is properly filled out and signed
Two references that are both independent and satisfactory
A recent picture taken for a passport.
a valid form of identity, such as a passport, driver’s license, voter identification card, or national identification card.
invoices from utilities that have been dated within the past three months.
In the case of foreigners, a residential permission is required.

Accounts of Payroll Salary

Account holders who receive salaries have access to the Zenith Salary account. It is designed to make gaining access to funds quick and uncomplicated for users. It is not possible to open this account online. There are two distinct varieties, which are known as Salary Current Accounts and Salary Savings Accounts.

The following are some of the benefits in addition to your salary:
Loans Against Future Paychecks (Term)
Internet banking
Zero opening balance
Consumer loans
SMS/email alerts
Debit card
Benefits of the Eazymoney Salary Savings Account include the following:
Gain 1.15 percent in interest per year.

A MasterCard Verve card that is only available upon request and has no opening balance
SMS/email alerts

The Requirements Necessary to Establish a Salary Account at Zenith

Form for opening an account that has already been filled out and signed
A picture taken from a passport An employee identification card
A letter of introduction from your employer that includes the letterhead of the company
Two resources for individuals who have a Salary Savings Account.

Account with a Domiciliary Address

A Domiciliary Account is a type of account that deals in foreign currencies. The Domiciliary Account offered by Zenith Bank gives customers the ability to conduct transactions in foreign currencies regardless of where they are physically located in the world. There are two distinct varieties, namely the Cash Domiciliary Account and the Ordinary Domiciliary Account.

Benefits of having an Ordinary Domiciliary Account include the Following:
Standing orders
Internet banking Debit card (USD)
SMS/email alerts
Mobile banking
Cash Account Relating to the Domicile:
The sole form of payment accepted is cash. There is a prohibition on transfers.
Internet banking
Debit card (USD)
SMS/email alerts
Standing orders
Mobile banking
Zero opening balance

What You Need to Do to Get Started with a Domiciliary Account at Zenith

Form for opening a new account that has been filled out and signed. Existing customers do not have to fill out a new form; all they have to do is finish filling out the form for opening an account or write a letter; there are no other criteria for them.
a valid form of identity, such as a passport, driver’s license, voter identification card, or national identification card.
invoices from utilities that have been dated within the past three months.
A photograph for use in a passport.
Visitation report (residence)

How to Sign Up for and Activate Your Zenith Internet Banking Account

Due to the increasing use of digital technology, internet banking has become the norm. This fresh approach has been taken by a number of financial institutions, and Zenith Bank is one of those institutions. There are a few steps involved in registering for internet banking and activating your account.

Online banking for individuals and internet banking for businesses are both available through Zenith. In order to sign up for internet banking, you will need to possess an existing account, register with the phone number that is associated with that account, possess either a mobile device or a laptop that is equipped with an internet connection, and attentively follow the on-screen prompts until they have been completed. Following is a step-by-step guide that will activate you through registering for and activating your internet banking with Zenith Bank.

You can download the Zenith internet banking application form by going to the sign up page and clicking on it.
You will need to print the form and fill it out.
Bring the paperwork, which you have previously completed and signed, to any Zenith Bank location.
You will receive a notification when it is time to collect the details of your internet banking.

After you have gathered all of your banking information, you will now need to log in to your internet banking account to activate it active. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to effectively activate your Zenith internet banking.

Return to the Zenith Bank Internet Banking page at
To access Internet Banking, either click the Login button or go to
Choose a password here.
First, obtain your account number and password, and then proceed to log in.


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