How to get DotPay POS, Login, Charges, Daily Target & More

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In this article we answer questions like how to get DotPay POS and become an agent, what is their pos machine price, what are requirements, Daily targets, charges and more.


There’re certain criteria you must meet before you can become a DOTPAY agent. Hence, to get started as a DOTPAY Agent, please ensure that you have the following:

  • 18 years old
  • Valid national ID or voters card
  • Bvn
  • 1 Passport Photograph
  • Recent Utility bill
  • Some money to start up
  • Strategic location

How to Become DOTPAY Agent

The first step in becoming a DOTPAY Agent is to complete the agent registration form and provide a valid means of identification, a recent utility bill, and a passport photograph.

The registration can be done by visiting the office or by contacting any of the aggregators in your location.

How to Get DOTPAY Pos Machine

As an agent, you are entitled to a pos machine to help you run your pos business more successfully. However, before you can get the pos machine, there are few things you are required to do:

Payment of twenty thousand Naira ( N20,000) caution fee. (plus aggregators will charge between 25,000-30,000) for logistic and registration)

After a successful payment, the agent is issued a pos machine by the company’s aggregators in your state.

DOTPAY Pos features

DOTPAY features allow its agents to have complete control and insight into their business performance.

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With the DOTPAY platform network, you can perform the following transactions to customers:

Account Opening

Deposit/Cash in

Withdrawal/Cash out

Funds Transfer

Bills Payment

Recharge Top Up E.T.C

Daily Target

Dotpay has no fixed amount as a target, rather Dotpay agent are expected to perform the minimum transactions of 20 counts transactions daily irrespective of the amount.

If an agent fail to meet up the target consistently, his or her pos will be retrieved by the aggregators that issued the pos or any other aggregator assigned by the company.

Transaction Charges

Below is the breakdowwn of charges per transaction on DOTPAY.

1000 = 5 naira

2000 = 10 naira

3000 = 15 naira

4000 = 20 naira

5000 = 25 naira

6000 = 30 naira

7000 = 35 naira

8000 = 40 naira

9000 = 45 naira

10000 = 50 naira

11000 = 55 naira

12000 = 60 naira

13000 = 65 naira

14000 = 70 naira

15000 = 75 naira

16000 = 80 naira

17000 = 85 naira

18000 = 90 naira

19000 = 95 naira

20000 = 100 naira

20000 upward = 100 naira

Deposit is @ #25 flat rate

1% commission on bill payment.


how does dotpay work

DotPay pos works well by either for agents or customer. You as an agent can withdraw and transfer money for customers and make cash in the process. As a customer you get quick access to your looney without having to be on a long queue.

how to become dotpay aggregator

To become dotpay aggregator, there are few things you can do. First, contact their customer care number or visit their head office and request to be an aggregator.

You can as well send them an email telling them you’re interested in becoming an aggregator for their company.

how much is dotpay pos

Dotpay pos is 30,000 naira for cautionary fee. For outright purchase you may have to spend up to 45,000 naira.

how to operate dotpay pos machine

Just like every other pos machine out there, you need to charge the machine first, then put the power on, after that select transfer to send money or Withdraw to withdraw money.

how to download dotpay app

You can download dotpay app from the Google play store. Just visit the play store and search for dot pay and install the app from there.

how good is dotpay pos

DotPay pos is good as the charges is not outrageous and the daily target can easily be met. The Pos is easy to understand and use.

how to upgrade dotpay pos

If you want to upgrade dotpay pos, you can contact the company’s customer care WhatsApp or through phjone call and explain to them that you need to upgrade your pos machine

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  1. How will I check banks network before doing any transactions with my POS machine to avoid having any problem with my customers?

  2. Please I need your help my account was locked yesterday from my boy, and since then I have been trying to get across to you for assistance of making it active again but not avail help please

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