GTBank Loans for Salary & Non-Salary Earners – Codes & How to Qualify

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a salary earner or self-employed, Non Salary Earner.  Now, you can obtain the GTBank loan that you need almost immediately by following the instructions here and paying it back within a year depending on the kind of loan you go for.

In this post, I list all the available GTBank loans in 2023. In addition, you will find:

  • All GTBank loan codes
  • interest rates on each of the Loans
  • How their repayment process works
  • What are the requirements
  • how to check your loan balance and
  • How to apply for each of the loan offer.

There is a variety of GTBank soft loan offers in Nigeria to meet your personal and business needs. Choosing the right one for yourself can be confusing. That’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive list of all available GTBank loans and how you can get them in 2023

List of all GTBank loans in 2023

The following are 10 loan offers that you can enjoy from Gtbank for both Salary Earners and non salary Earners and how to qualify. Don’t worry, I will explain each of the offers and how to make use of them.

  1. Salary Advance
  2. Quick credit (soft loan)
  3. School fees advance
  4. Max advance
  5. Max plus
  6. Computer advance
  7. GT mortgage
  8. Premium advance
  9. Travel advance
  10. Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing

1. Gtbank Salary Advance loan

Gtbank Salary loan, also known as payday loan is purely for salary earners whose salary account is resident with GTBank. It is available to both workers of private-owned companies and government workers.

With a salary advance loan, you can get a loan up to 50% of your monthly salary in advance to meet your financial and transactional needs.

Gtbank Salary Loan terms can be up to 30 days and you can apply for it monthly, as long as you meet up the requirements. A salary advance loan does not require any collateral to process.

Please note that the minimum you can get as a GTBank salary advance loan, either with ussd code or any other available means, is 50,000 naira for government workers and 25,000 for private company workers.

Invariably, this loan requires your salary to be up to 50,000 naira if you’re working for a private company and 100,000 naira if you’re working for the government.

Gtbank Salary Advance ussd code

The Gtbank loan code (ussd) for salary advance loan is *737*8*2#. Once you dial this code you will be prompted to decide how much you want to loan.

You will also need to input your pin to complete the request. Once your loan request is successful, you should receive an alert in minutes.

You can also obtain this loan through GTworld or internet banking. If you don’t have access to any of these, you can walk into any GTBank branch nationwide and ask for help.

Salary advance Repayment

You don’t have to make use of ussd code or whatever to effect repayment for this loan as it will be done automatically by the bank after 30 days of the loan term expiring.

However, if you still want to effect repayment before the due date you can do so. I’ve written a detailed report on how to pay back gtb salary advance loan.  You can check it out.

Interest rate

Interestingly, GTBank does not place interest on salary advances as long as you pay on time. All you need to pay is the principal loan.

How to qualify

To qualify for Gtbank Salary advance loan you must be at least 18 years old and work in a recognizer company in Nigeria. In addition you must have the salary account domicile with GTBank.

2. GTBank Quick credit loan (Soft Loan)

Quick credit also known as soft loan is one of the GTBank loans that are easy to access. These particular loan offer must be repaid within 1 year. This loan is available to both salary earners and non-salary earners alike.

The interest rate of Gtbank quick credit is 1.33% per month. There are no other hidden fees for Gtbank soft loan. These loans are quickly disbursed, most times within 5 minutes, so you won’t have to wait for ages for loan approval.

How to qualify for GTB Quick Credit loan

To qualify for quick credit you must meet all these requirements

  1. Customers must hold a minimum monthly deposit of N20,000 or earn a minimum net monthly salary of N10,000.
  2. Customers shouldn’t have a history of dud cheques
  3. You must have a trustworthy and satisfactory credit report.
  4. Customers must not have unpaid debts

How to request for quick credit (soft) loan

1. Through Gtbank loan ussd code: the code to dial is *737*51*51#. Once you dial the code you will be provided with your maximum loan offer. You will need to input your 737 pin to confirm your request.

2. Through GT World app: Log in to the GT World app and locate the loan section. Click on it and then select quick credit. Input your pin and wait for your loan disbursement.

Gtbank Quick credit interest rates

The interest rate for GTBank soft loan, quick credit, is 1.33% per month. For instance, if you collect a quick credit of 100,000 naira you will pay interest of 1330 naira per month for 1 year.

Quick Credit offers a convenient repayment plan spread over 12 months at a competitive interest rate of 1.33% per month. There are no hidden charges incurred, it is cheap, easy to access and readily available.

3. Gtbank school fees advance loan

Gtbank school fees advance loan is made for parents or guardians to use in making urgent payments for their child’s education. As a parent or guardian, you can get a loan of 50,000 naira to 1 million naira per child.

This loan offer is designed to improve the quality of education and make it easier to pay for your child’s tuition fees. GTBank school fees advance loan is available to employees of government and reputable organizations whose salary account are domiciled with GTBank.


  • Up to N5 million instant loan
  • Very competitive interest rates
  • You pay evenly every month, including principal and interest.
  • Instant access to funding for your child’s learning

How to qualify for GTB school fees advance

You must have the following in order to qualify for school fees advance loan at GTBank

  1. One major requirement to access this loan is that the school must be located in Nigeria. GTBank school fees advance is not available to students whose schools are located outside Nigeria.
  2. To access these loans, you must be an employee of the selected companies in Nigeria.
  3. Your payroll account must be with GTBank.

4. GTBank Max advance loan

MaxAdvance aims to provide personal loans to employees whose payroll accounts are located with us and work in our selected companies and government organizations.

It is a great loan that can meet your financial needs through a repayment plan that’s easy and convenient.

Max Advance loan is a consumer loan that requires no equity contribution

Loan Tenor

The minimum tenor for max advance loan is 3 months while the maximum tenor is 48 Months (2 years).

How much can you get with max advance?

With the max advance, you can get a loan of up to 10 million naira.


  1. You must fill a max advance loan application form and submit it.
  2. You need an undertaking from your employer

Repayment plan

Gtbank max advance comes with an equal monthly repayment which is comprising both the principal & its Interest. Your monthly repayment will not be more than 33.3 percent of your salary.

Following are the documents needed to obtain a max advance loan. You can download them from the provided links below

5. GT Max plus loan

Max Plus loan gives you greater convenience and flexibility, meeting your financial needs through a convenient repayment plan. Applicable to GTBank platinum customers who have their salary accounts with the bank.

Note that the minimum net annual income for anyone that want to obtain this loan is 10 million naira.


  • The minimum loan is 6 Million naira and the maximum is 30 Million naira
  • You have 48 months to make repayment. The monthly repayment will not exceed 33.3 percent of your monthly salary.
  • Equal monthly repayment which includes both principal & Interest.
  • With Max plus loan collateral is not required.

Application form and undertaking

Download Max plus application form here

6. GTBank Computer advance/ Computer Acquisition Scheme loan

Gtbank Computer advance is an Acquisition loan offer, a facility (time loan) to currently serving Corps members whose allowance accounts are domiciled with the Bank to finance the acquisition of mobile devices to be paid during the service year.

The maximum loan amount is 60,000 naira and the tenor is between 3 and 10 months.

Loan Repayment

Repayment of Gtbank computer loan is done with Monthly equal payment of the actual loan and its interest over the chosen tenor(3 to 10 months).

Monthly repayment shall not be more than 33.3 percent monthly allowance of NYSC members

How to Qualify for GTBank computer acquisition loan

The following are what you need to qualify for GTBank computer acquisition loan

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Employer Undertaking Form
  3. Domiciliation of NYSC allowance with the Bank
  4. All applications to be completed during the NYSC orientation activities

How to apply for computer advance loan

  1.  Submit a completed computer acquisition loan application form
  2. Get an Employer undertaking form filled and submit it to the bank
  3. Go to any GTBank branch and show them proof that your NYSC allowance bank account is domiciled with GTBank.

Note: this loan is neither for Salary Earners nor non-salary Earners. Only youth corpers can obtain Gtbank Computer Acquisition loan.

7. Gtbank’s GTMortgage loan

GTMortgage loans can help business owners or employees who have an account with GTBank to own properties, such as a house. This loan provides credit facilities for owning houses in specific cities in the country.

How much you can collect in GTMortgage loan varies depending on the selected city. You can talk to your account manager and ask him or her to help you with your enquiry about GTMortgage loans and applicable interest rates.

The minimum is 5 million Naira and the maximum is 150 million naira.

The loan tenor is between 1 to 20 years and you must not be more than 55 years by the end of the loan term.

GTMortgage loan Requirements/ how to apply

Go to the GTBank branch that’s closest to you and ask them for the following documents. Make sure you fill them out correctly and submit them.

  • Completed Application Form
  • Title Document of Property
  • Offer Letter to Sell property from vendor
  • Valuation report from any of the Banks approved estate valuer
  • Search report from GTBank Legal Group

GTMortgage loan Repayment

Applicants can flexibly choose to repay the principal and interest on a monthly basis, or repay the principal and interest quarterly, half-yearly or annually, while repaying monthly.

8. Gtbank Premium advance loan

This is the loan when you need the money most. You must have 10 million naira monthly revenue. The loan facility is an overdraft placed on your naira MasterCard debit card. This GTBank loan is for platinum customers.


  • Up to 1 million Naira with a one-year shelf life (can be cleaned up every month).
  • Very competitive interest rates. 2% fixed fee on N1 million in first use.
  • Overdraft accessible through Naira Debit MasterCard (for ATM withdrawals, point-of-sale purchases and online payments)
  • Pay monthly interest, pay the principal once at the end of the cycle.

Premium Advance Requirements

  • Only applicable to platinum customers.
  • The average monthly salary in the last six months must not be less than 1 million naira.
  • The annual turnover shall not be less than 10 million naira.
  • You should receive your salary through your GTBank account within the last three months.
  • Make sure that you do not have any overdue obligations to GTBank or any other bank.

How to Apply for Premium Advance

To apply, visit the nearest GTBank to you and ask for premium advance form and employee undertaking form. Alternatively, you can make use of the link below to download the forms.

9. Gtbank Travel advance loan

Travel Advance is a loan from GTBank designed to meet the travel needs of customers who have their salary account with them.

This loan can be used to process your air tickets, hotel reservations, airport transfers, excursions and other related activities.

Features and Eligibility

  1. Facility Amount: N250,000 to N3,000,000
  2. Maximum Tenor: 1 year
  3. Interest Rate: 20 percent annually (note that, this is subject to conditions of money market as per time)
  4. Comfort/Security: Domiciliation of salaries and allowances

Gtbank loan code for Travel advance

No ussd code is available for travel GTBank travel avance loan. You have to visit the bank or fill online form and submit it for approval.

How to qualify

  • Customers must have their salary account domiciled with GTBank.
  • Customer must have received their salary through GTBank at least for  3 months from the same employer.
  • Salary must be paid in Nigeria Naira (NGN).

10. GTBank Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing

GTB car loan is a type of GTB loan that allows corporate entities and employees with an account in GTBank to pay their vehicle insurance premiums in advance and within 1 year.

Features of Vehicle insurance premium financing loan

  1. Immediately available funds to pay your insurance premiums
  2. Opportunity to pay monthly car insurance premiums
  3. You do not need insurance coverage at the insurance office.
  4. As an individual, you can get access rights between N20,000 and N1 million, while corporate organizations can get access rights between N20,000 and N5 million.
  5. The maximum loan term is 1 year. The loan interest rate is 1.67% per month.
  6. Capital contribution of 20% of the total cost of your insurance premiums One-time fixed fee of 1%

Gtbank loan code for vehicle insurance premium advance

There is no ussd or GTBank loan code for this particular loan offer. You need to make use of other means as explained above.


Gtbank has several loan options for customers either salary or non salary. All you have to do is find the one that’s made for you, learn how to qualify for it and go for it.

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