GEEP Loan – Everything you need to know and how to apply for it

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Geep loan offered by The Government Enterprise & Empowerment Programme is a funding program for Nigerians businessmen and businesswomen to enhance their enterprises.

It was launched in 2016 with the sole purpose to make available and offer interest-free and collateral-free loans to Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Individuals, as well as enterprises that have trouble gaining access to money in banks, might take advantage of one of the several lending programs that the government has established through GEEP loan.

The GEEP Lending is one of these incredibly forward-thinking and admirable loan programs that are available. Now, submitting an application for this loan is not quite as tough as you may believe it to be. Continue reading to find out more.

HOW to apply for GEEP loan

In order to submit a request for GEEP loan, please follow these guidelines:

1. To register for GEEP, please visit the official registration portal at

2. After that, navigate to the GEEP Link (if the portal is open, you should see a link).

3. After that, follow the instructions carefully by clicking the link and reading them over. When you are through with this, go ahead and select the “Application” option.

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4. When you are ready to submit your application in person, simply head on over to the National Orientation Agency in the state in which you currently reside.


Please take note of the following essential documents:

1. Bank Verification Number

2. Certificate of Origin Issued by the Local Government

3. Photographs for Use in Passports

4. Certificate of Applicability for CAC for Businesses

5. A Government-Issued Photo Identification Card

What kinds of loans are offered through the GEEP?

The GEEP funding scheme is broken up into three different categories to better assist the expansion of businesses. They are as follows:

Trader Moni

This category is for small-scale business owners or dealers who are looking to expand their operations and require financial assistance.

Fruit vendors, proprietors of small shops, and other business owners are examples of the kind of people that are eligible for the Trader Moni loan.

Farmer Moni

Owners of companies who fall into this category and are in need of financing are required to initially register with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission).

Market Moni

This area is reserved exclusively for those who operate businesses related to agriculture.

Agribusiness owners who are looking to expand their operations are encouraged to submit an application under the Market Moni category.

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GEEP loan Duration

There is a maximum loan amount of N300,000 that can be requested under the GEEP loan program. On the other hand, you have the option of making an application for a minimum of N10,000.

These loans often do not incur any interest charges, and borrowers are not required to put up any security. Additionally, you have the option of taking out either a short-term or a long-term loan.

If you are an entrepreneur, trader, or business owner operating on a small or medium size, take advantage of this opportunity to submit an application for a GEEP loan.


Phone Number: +234 700 6275 386, +234 700 1000 200

Please visit us online at:


The Federal Government of Nigeria developed a system for providing financial assistance known as the GEEP loan.

To put it simply, the objective of this plan is to provide small-scale enterprises with loans that do not accrue interest and are backed by collateral.

Every Nigerian citizen who has an interest in entrepreneurship will benefit from GEEP, which is an excellent and well-received idea.

Do you need a loan? Please take the time to check out this platform, which will only take you a few minutes to compare loans offered by a number of different lenders. Considering all of this information before making a choice might be beneficial.


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