How to Withdraw Ice Coins from the App

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In this post, I’ll be showing you how to withdraw Ice Coins from the Ice Mining app. If you’re new to this the platform, don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process.

First, open the Ice app that you downloaded from the Play Store. If you’re new to the app, complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) verification.

Tap on the “Mine” button and follow the authentication steps for a seamless experience. Confirm your identity, agree to terms and conditions, and proceed to verify your face for KYC.

Select your country (e.g., Nigeria), and follow the selfie guidelines for a successful KYC. Make sure to have a high-quality photo with good lighting and a clear background.

After completing the selfie verification, grant the app access to take pictures.

Once you’ve completed the verification, you’ll receive a message confirming verification success. Now, proceed to the next KYC step, which involves posting on Twitter.

Follow the instructions provided and complete KYC step two.

Now, enter your BNB Smart Chain address during the first launch on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain. Make sure to use OKS BNB Smart Chain to avoid gas fees.

After completing these steps, you’ll receive a confirmation of your BNB Smart Chain.

Please note that for withdrawals, wait for the next distribution. Ice Coins will be sent to your wallet during the distribution. So, be patient and check for updates.

That’s it for this. If you have any questions, ask below and I’ll be glad to answer.

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