How to start sim card selling and registration business in Nigeria

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Want to start sim card selling and registration business in Nigeria? No worries as all the information you need are contained right in this post.

This post will explain to you step by step how to become a sim card registration agent for all major network providers in Nigeria.

Some years back, if you want to do SIM card registration business, let’s say with MTN for insurance, you will have to visit MTN head office, in Lagos, regardless of which state you resided in Nigeria.

But right now, MTN Nigeria has provided all people who likes to be its agent a convenient way to apply online. Invariably, visiting the head office is no longer needed except if you personally want to.

SIM registration business is a thriving business in Nigeria. Most people in the business would not desire you to know that there’s money in it.

The tech giant telecoms pay those that register you a portion of the money you recharge on your sim for at least one month. Those boys you see selling and registering sim cards make a huge sum of money every day.

For instance, if you purchase a new Airtel or 9mobile Sim for N100 and register, then recharge N1000 airtime, the man that registers you earn a commission of N900 on that recharge and that is not all, he additionally earns a commission on all your recharges for the first 30days.

All you need to Jumpstart into this business is a small capital, even without knowing anyone, you can just stroll into any telecoms facilities or outlets and make inquiries on how you can be an agent.

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Requirements to emerge as an MTN SIM card registration agent

To effectively become a SIM card registration agent for any network provider in Nigeria in your community, you must have the following requirements

  1. A shop/outlet: Preferably in the vicinity of the place there is a lot of traffic. You can start with a giant umbrella or a small kiosk so as to shield you from harsh weather conditions.
  2. A laptop (Netbook) or A Tablet to deploy the registration application
  3. You may also want some chairs or ideally a bench for your customers to sit on
  4. Fingerprint scanner, webcam, modem to grant internet, supply of electricity
  5. A registration Code (You can get this directly from Telecom company)
  6. A generator in locations where there bad supply of electricity.

Note that the network provider you’re signing up with will train you on how to go about the business and make profits from it.

Also, some of the needed items will be given to you by the company so that you can focus on how to get the rest of the items yourself.

How much can I make from the SIM card registration business?

Before you proceed to apply, do you desire to first comprehend the amount of revenue that MTN and different network providers afford to pay to their agents who register SIM cards for people?

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It is no longer news that authorized SIM card registration agents to get paid from different sources. First, they collect some percentages from people they sell SIM cards to, and secondly, MTN, 9mobile, Gol, and Airtel will also pay them revenue monthly.

The salary of a SIM card registration agents can go up from 100,000 naira to 250,000 Naira. In fact, the higher your sale and register SIM card for people, the greater the amount of your income.


Who is a sim card registration agent

A sim card registration agent is any one who is a registered issuer that sells sim cards and registers sim cards at the agency’s stipulated rate and is given a goal to meet.

He/she works immediately with the network provider in offering sim card registration help and also in strolling promotions at some point of the promo periods.

What is the work of a sim card registration agent?

The work of a sim card registration agent is very simple, your work is majorly to assist those who need to register their sim card in order to avoid disconnection of their sim from the network provider.

The registration covers each of the historic and current customers. You additionally help in retrieving misplaced sim cards and upgrading sim cards to 4G, or 5G networks as the case may also be.

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