Shawarma business in nigeria, plan, profit & required equipments

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Shawarma business in nigeria

So you’re here because you want to know about shawarma business in nigeria. In this post I will provide an answer to your question.

I will also delve into topics like:

  • shawarma business plan in Nigeria
  • How much you can make from it
  •  Profit and required equipments
  • How to start shawarma business in nigeria and anywhere else

Shawarma Business plan

Here are things you should put into consideration while planning to start shawarma business in nigeria

1. Feasibility Study

You need to conduct a feasibility study to determine if success of this business is feasible in your area.

Consider if there’s a lot of competition around you and if you can get collaboration with a big bar or at least a place where large numbers of people converge every day.

Another thing to consider is the calibre of people in your environment. You don’t want to start a shawarma business where large percentage of dwellers haven’t heard anything about shawarma before.

It’s very important you consider who your potential costumers are before venturing into the business.

2. Required Equipments & resources

  • Shawarma Toasters
  • vertical grill (this is for roasting the meat).
  • Deep Fryer
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Electric Cooker
  • Human help
  • Deep Freezer
  • Gas cylinder
  • Insect Killer
  • Show Glass
  • Cleaning tools
  • Frying pan and Pots
  • Bowls and Cutlery

3. Branding and packaging

Branding and packaging is important in any business. So you need to consider these early enough in your new business.

Think about having a nice name and customizing a small nylon for your customers. This will go a long way.

4. Marketing

How do you plan to market your Shawarma business to your potential customers? Think about having a big banner that points people to your new shawarma stand.

Words of mouth to mouth is also a great strategy to get more customers. Don’t be too shy to market your business to people around you.

5. Daily running cost

For a medium scale shawarma business in Nigeria, your daily running cost could look like this:

  • Fresh Chicken- 12,000 naira
  • Bread- 2,000 naira
  • Sussage- 2,000 naira
  • Green Vegetables- 1,500 naira
  • Cream- 1,800 naira
  • Sauce- 1000 naira
  • Cooking Gas – 1kg us enough, 1000 naira
  • Seasoning- 500 naira
  • Other expenses 1000 naira


You could sell shawarma for 800 to 1000 naira depending on your location. If you sell for 800 naira and are able to sell 50 per day, you should be making more than 10,000 naira profit daily.

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