Can I Transfer Money from Clearpay to My Bank Account?

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As a clearpay user, you might want to know if its possible to transfer money from Clearpay to your bank account; And if it’s possible, what’s the process?

This post will help answer this question for you and provide some recommendations at the end.

But first, what is Clearpay? It is a buy-now-pay-later service provider. It allows users to make purchases and spread payment into four equal parts for payment by instalment.

Is it possible to transfer money from Clearpay to Bank Account?

Now to answer the questions: can I transfer money from clearpay to my bank account? No, Clearpay does not allow its users to make transfers of funds to their bank accounts.

Clearpay is designed to make payments for purchases, it’s not a product with withdrawal feature.

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What you can do

If you have a pressing need for cash, here’s what you can do instead

1. Use a Different Buy-Now-Pay-Later Service

As I’ve said earlier, Clearpay does not have a transfer option, however, Klarna, and some other buy now, pay later provide the option to move your money to any bank account of your choice.

However, you must be aware that these services do have transfer charges. In essence, you need to check for their terms and conditions and be certain before proceeding.

2. Use a Credit Card

The second option you have is to use a credit card. If you have a credit card with some credit in it, you can use it to make purchases and then pay off the balance in installments.

This approach allows you to access the money you have spent immediately, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that credit card balances typically accrue interest.

Therefore, it is advisable to carefully consider the interest rates and terms associated with your credit card.

3. Consider a Personal Loan

If you need to an emergency help for a larger sum of money, taking out a personal loan may be a good alternative to consider.

You can get one and use to pay off your online purchases made through Clearpay or on other platforms. However, you should confirm the interest and terms before taken any loan.


In conclusion, Clearpay does not currently allow users to transfer money to their bank accounts. However, there are alternative options available as discussed above.

These allow you to access funds sooner, such as using different buy-now-pay-later services, credit cards, or personal loans.

We hope this has been helpful in answering your question. If you have any more questions, kindly comment down below and we’ll surely get back to you.

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