Update on MTN SME data share

MTN SME data share bundle- updated

Please take note of the following developments as regards to MTN SME data share bundle

Over the weekend, there was a system update on MTN network which greatly affects MTN SME data share bundle, otherwise known as MTN cheap data bundle.

1. Due to the fact that many customers have complained to us about quick exhaustion of their data. We have in turn also given feedback to MTN. MTN has now decided to work on the SME data package and make it to last longer. Now your mtn sme data share bundle will last longer than before.

2. Now mtn sme data has been rounded up. What I mean is that 1gb is now 1000mb, 2gb is 2000mb, 3gb is 3000mb, 5gb is 5000mb, etc.

3. SME data share bundle is now valid for 1 month only but it can be renewed before the 1 month elapse. For some people, this may be a concern but to many, it’s really not. This is because most people don’t use less than 4gb in a month.

I, for instance, use more than 5gb monthly irrespective of which network I’m browsing with. So I’m in no way affected if MTN SME data share bundle is now valid for 30 days.

4. Customers, including you, now need to be careful when sending their numbers for data subscription. Before now MTN SME data can only be sent to Mtn numbers, if you try to send it to another network, it will return an error.

But now, if you mistakenly send your GLO number to me and ask me to send MTN data into it, the moment I send the data it will deliver to that number and the data will neither be usable nor even reflect on that number. And worse still the data once successfully sent cannot be reversed.

Lastly, the USSD code to check your MTN SME data bundle balance is no longer *461*2*3*2#. To check your data balance now just dial *461*4#, then send. Your data balance will not only pup up on the screen but also be sent to your sms inbox.

If there is any other update I will not hesitate to let you know.

Thank you so much for your continued patronage. You are the reason behind my business success. And God will greatly bless you.

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