Zenith Beta Life Promo & Loan, Requirements, Code to Register

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Discover an unparalleled opportunity with the Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo Season 3, a tantalizing bi-weekly raffle extravaganza set to unfold between June 1, 2023, and May 31, 2024.

This distinctive initiative aims to lavish 20 lucky customers with exceptional gifts valued at an impressive N150,000 each. Imagine being one of those fortunate individuals who walk away with a bounty of rewards every two weeks!

How to qualify for Zenith Beta Life promo

To partake in this thrilling promotional journey, the eligibility criteria are straightforward. Begin by embarking on the following steps:

  • Open an account with Zenith Bank, marking the commencement of your participation.
  • Ensure a minimum deposit of N5,000 resides in your account throughout the promotional period.
  • Request and acquire your Zenith Bank Debit Card, whether virtual or physical, to fortify your eligibility.
  • Seamlessly register either through the Zenith Bank Mobile App or opt for the convenient *966# EazyBanking service.

What’s in Store for Participants?

Curiosity often revolves around the nature of rewards one can reap from such an engaging promotional spectacle. The answer lies in the prospects of claiming one of the twenty gifts valued at N150,000 each.

The fortunate twenty individuals selected through a meticulous raffle draw mechanism will savor the joy of these fabulous prizes.

How to Register for Zenith Beta Life Promo

Follow the steps below to register for zenith beta life promo

  • Ensure you have a least Maintain 5,000 naira during the period
  • Get a Zenith Bank ATM Card
  • Download the Zenith Bank Mobile App and apply within. Alternatively, you can register using this code *966#.

For Existing Customers

Existing customers need not open a new account to partake in this promo, provided their account is individual rather than corporate. This inclusive approach ensures equal opportunities for all existing patrons to revel in the promotional excitement.

Is Zenith Beta Life a loan offer?

Zenith Beta life is a promotional offer that promises 150,000 naira rewards to lucky winners. However, if you want to get a loan, you can start here

Guidelines for Enjoying the Benefits

While the promotion encourages withdrawals, it emphasizes the importance of maintaining the requisite account balance of at least 5,000 naira for continued eligibility.

This blend of flexibility and adherence ensures a fair chance for everyone involved.

Communication remains key throughout this enthralling journey. Participants will receive SMS updates and direct contact from their respective branches to signal their progress and eventual triumph.

In Quest of Further Information

Should queries arise or the need for additional information arise, the 24/7 ZenithDirect contact Zenith Bank customer care


The Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo Season 3 stands as a testament to the bank’s commitment to reward its cherished customers.

This promotional spectacle promises a fusion of excitement, transparency, and equal opportunities for all participants. Embrace this chance to partake in an exclusive journey towards lucrative rewards and a memorable banking experience.

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