UnaCash loan review: what you need to know

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UnaCash is a popular fast loan app in the Philippines, offering users a variety of options for accessing quick cash, online installment shopping, and Lazada Wallet credits.

In this comprehensive review, we will discuss the different credit line usage options, amazing features, loan terms, and the overall cost of borrowing through UnaCash.

Credit Line Usage Options

UnaCash offers three main ways to utilize their credit line:

1. Cash Loan

Users can transfer approved loan amounts directly to their bank accounts for immediate use.

2. Lazada Loans

UnaCash enables users to convert their credits into Lazada Wallet Credits, allowing for seamless shopping on Lazada.

3. Shopping Loans Installment at 0% Interest

UnaCash allows users to shop from a wide range of merchants without paying any interest on their installment loans.

Unique Features of UnaCash

UnaCash stands out from other loan apps through its user-friendly features:

  1. Automated credit renewal: Upon payment, credit is instantly replenished.
  2. No hidden charges: Users receive the full amount of their loans without any hidden fees.
  3. No downpayment for shopping installment: Users can shop without paying any cash upfront.
  4. Reserve medicines online: Users can access healthcare services and manage their healthcare needs from the comfort of their homes.

Loan Terms and Conditions

UnaCash offers flexible loan terms and conditions, as outlined below:

  • Credit line amount: PHP 1,000 to PHP 50,000
  • Loan terms: 2 months (at least 61 days) to 6 months
  • Number of payments: 2 times a month up to 6 months
  • Monthly interest rate:
    • UnaCash Loan: 16% per month
    • UnaCash Credit Line: from 0% (depends on merchant)
    • Lazada Loan: 13% per month

There is no disbursement fee, and early repayment is available at any time after loan disbursement. However, accrued interest cannot be canceled in case of early repayment.

Cost of Borrowing with UnaCash

The cost of an online cash loan is calculated as follows:

Amount to be returned = Loan Amount + Interest Amount

where Interest Amount = Loan Amount * Loan Period * (Rate in %)

For example, if a user takes an online cash loan of PHP 13,000 for a 5-month term with a nominal monthly interest rate of 16%, the total interest amount for the 5 months would be PHP 10,480.83. The bimonthly repayment would be PHP 2,348.8, and the monthly repayment would be PHP 4,696.17. The total amount to be paid by the client would be PHP 23,480.83.

UnaCash Loan Contact Information

UnaCash is operated by DIGIDO FINANCE CORP., a licensed financing company (SEC Registration No. CS202003056; Certificate of Authority No. 1272). It is essential to study the terms and conditions in the Disclosure Statement before proceeding with any loan transaction. If users need any assistance, they can contact care@unacash.com.ph or collection@unacash.com.ph for repayment concerns. Remember not to share passwords, OTPs, or private information outside the UnaCash app.

In conclusion, UnaCash offers a variety of loan options and unique features that cater to the needs of borrowers in the Philippines. With its fast loan processing, user-friendly features, and flexible terms, UnaCash is a reliable and convenient option for those in need of quick cash or online shopping credit.

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