Icoin (intcoin) loan app, ussd code, customer care contact number

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Icoin loan app is a lending platform that offers Nigerians quick and cost-effective mobile personal loans.

The microlender which is also known as intcoin offers loans starting at 5000 naira and going up to 80,000 naira.

Upon approval, the funds are immediately transferred to the borrower’s bank account.

With the help of the Icoin Loan app, you may get a loan in Nigeria without providing any collateral or papers, even without having to leave your house. You can even get a loan using your mobile phone.

Their loan processing moves quickly. The loan will be processed and disbursed within an hour of the application being submitted.

Depending on your credit score, you could receive up to $100,000 through this application in a single transaction.


There are requirements you must be able to meet in order to be eligible for the icon loan:

  • Bank account
  • Regular source of income
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • possess a bvn
  • a Nigerian citizen or authorized residence
  • Excellent credit history

You can apply for a loan from them once you have the required information.

How to get icon loan

The icoin loan app or intcoin as they have just been rebranded, must first be downloaded and installed on your phone. You can do that by going to the Google Play Store, searching for icon, and clicking on install.

  • Step 1: Go to the play store and search for Intcoin Loan
  • Download the app
  • Register with your name, bvn, and other details.
  • Register and add your bank account once you have finished the registration process.
  • Find the loan in your dashboard and click it.
  • Check how much credit you are eligible for.
  • After applying for the loan, wait for the transaction to be completed.
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The maximum loan amount you may borrow from icoin loan app is 100,000 naira, but first-time users may not get up to this amount.

However, the amount you can receive will rise as you make use of the app.

Intcoin loan Interest rate

Depending on the loan amount and the time duration for repayment, the interest rate ranges from 5 to 15%.

Repayment terms range from seven to ninety days. It is based on the loan amount received.

Your interest rate and repayment period will likely be short if you take out a loan in the beginning. The more you use the application, the less of this there will be.


Make sure you are on your dashboard in order to repay your loan.

The loan payback button should be clicked.

You will be given the choice to put off loan repayment when it is presented to you.

To pay, click on one.

When you make a payment, it will appear on your dashboard.

In that case, you must contact them.

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What will happen if I don’t pay back or default?

If you default on your loan, you’ll pay a penalty that might increase the interest rate to 2.2%.

If you default on the loan, your name and Bvn will be reported to the credit bureaus for blacklisting, preventing you from applying for loans in Nigeria again until you have paid back the debt and cleared your name with the credit bureau.

Typically, this process takes a long period. Your best course of action is to make your loan payment on time.

Is icoin loan legit?

Many Nigerians have taken intcoin loan. However you need to read their terms and conditions, check their interest rates, and finally make your choice either to take their loan or not.

On play store, they have fair customer reviews and ratings. Their one flaw is that they lack a CBN licence, thus you must exercise caution while borrowing from them.

Although the Icoin Loan App is neither CBN-approved nor NDIC-insured However, they will undoubtedly offer you a loan, and they are trustworthy.

ICoin Customer Care contact number

Their contact number is not available for now. However, you can contact Icoin or Intcoin using the information provided below.

Furthermore, there are currently no ICoin phone numbers available; instead, email service@intcoinng.com.


Icoin Loan App will grant you a loan without requiring any paperwork or collateral.

If you need any further clarification, comment below and I’ll get back asap.


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