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There are various ways to load airtel card in 2024. You can use the new airtel recharge code or follow other methods.

This guide walks you through all the methods, ensuring you find the one that suits your preference.

Lets get started

New Code to Recharge Airtel card

The new airtel code for loading airtel recharge card in Nigeria is *126*PIN#. To use this code, all you have to do is type *126* followed by the 16 digits airtel recharge pin. To end the operation, you add # and send. Steps below:

  1. Dial *126*
  2. Enter the 16-digit PIN from your card.
  3. Put # at the end of the code
  4. Press send.
  5. Confirm your sim has been credited

Other ways to load airtel card

Thanks app

With the Airtel Thanks app, topping up your airtime is effortless:

  1. Download the Airtel Thanks app from your Google play store.
  2. Register with your phone number and OTP.
  3. Navigate to the recharge option.
  4. Input the 16-digit PIN from your card and submit.
  5. Watch your phone credit instantly.

Airtel Website

Visit, follow these steps:

  1. Log in with your phone number.
  2. If new, create an account.
  3. Select the recharge option.
  4. Input your 16-digit PIN and submit.
  5. Experience instant phone credit.


For online convenience with Quickteller:

  1. Visit the Quickteller website or app.
  2. Select recharge.
  3. Input your 16-digit PIN and submit.
  4. You can also buy Airtime directly without having to load a card pin
  5. Your phone credit arrives instantly.

Bank Mobile Apps

You can also make use of your bank mobile app to load airtel airtime. Follow steps below

  1. Download your bank app.
  2. Register accordingly.
  3. Choose the recharge option.
  4. Buy Airtime directly by typing how much airtime you want to buy
  5. Input your phone number
  6. You will receive the airtime immediately

Share and Sell

You can load your airtel sim with airtime via airtel share and sell. Follow steps below:

  1. Request someone to transfer airtime to your airtel line
  2. Give them your correct phone number
  3. Check to confirm your line has been credited accordingly


You can make use of ATM to load airtel airtime anywhere in Nigeria:

  1. Loate any working atm in your area
  2. Insert your ATM card.
  3. Opt for the quick teller option.
  4. Select recharge.
  5. Input your phone number
  6. Confirm your line has been credited


How many times can I load one card?

You can load a card pin only once. Your sim may be blocked if you try loading one pin multiple times

Where can I buy airtel card in 2024?

You can conveniently buy airtel card any amount from retailers in your neighbourhood.

How to check balance

To check your balance, dial *310# on your mobile phone. Your balance will show on the screen and also be sent to you as SMS. 

Can I load airtel card on MTN or other networks?

No. You can not load airtel card on other networks. Airtel Card is meant only for airtel sims.

Can I get bonus if I load airtel card?

Yes you can. But that will greatly depend on the Tarrif plan you’re on. If you’re not getting bonus on your recharge, you might want tk consider migrating to another plan. 


Recharging your Airtel line is more accessible than ever. Whether through USSD codes, the Airtel app, website, ATMs, Quickteller, bank apps, or Share and Sell, choose what suits you best for a hassle-free recharge experience.

If you have questions, drop a comment below. We’re here to assist!

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