How to Block First Bank Account & ATM Card Using USSD Code on any Phone

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This article guides you through the process of blocking your First Bank account and ATM card, in scenarios such as lost, stolen, or suspected fraudulent activities.

You will find easy ways to protect your account Using USSD Code on any Phone.

Blocking Your First Bank Account

There are several ways to block your First Bank account, each of them is convenient and user-friendly, ensuring a swift response to security threats.

1. Using USSD

To block your account via USSD Code:

  • Dial *894*911# on your phone.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Enter your 5-digit security PIN.

Your account will then be blocked, ensuring no transactions can be made until you choose to unblock it.

2. Calling Customer Care

You can also block your account by calling First Bank’s customer care on any of the following numbers: 0700-34778-2668228, 01-4485500, or 0708-062-5000.

Inform the representative of your intention to block your account, providing your account number. Note that you will need to prove the account belong to you by answering some personal questions.

3. Visiting a Branch

If you’d rather speak to someone face-to-face, visit any First Bank branch and speak to a customer service representative. They’ll guide you through the process and ensure your account is blocked.

Blocking Your First Bank ATM Card

Blocking your ATM card follows a similar process.

1. Using USSD

By dialing the same USSD code (*894*911#), you can block your ATM card. After entering your 5-digit security PIN, select option 2 to block your card. You’ll receive a confirmation message upon successful blocking.

2. Calling Customer Care

Call the customer care numbers listed above and provide your account number. Request to block your ATM card and answer security questions they ask you. You will receive a confirmation message once it’s done.

3. Visiting a Branch

Visit any First Bank branch and speak with a customer service representative. After providing your account number and other necessary details, request to block your ATM card. The representative will handle the rest.

Things to Keep in Mind

When blocking your First Bank account or ATM card, remember the following:

  • You need to know your account number and 5-digit PIN.
  • If you’re blocking your account or card due to loss or theft, consider reporting it to the police.
  • If you’re blocking your account or card due to suspected unauthorized activity, contact First Bank customer care to report the fraud.

Blocking your account or ATM card helps to protect your money from unauthorized access. It’s a simple process that can significantly reduce the risk of financial loss.

In today’s digital age, proactive security measures are not just an option—they’re a necessity.

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