Fintern Loan Review, Interest Rate, Requirements, Is it Legit

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Fintern is a revolutionary consumer lender. It is on a mission to enhance access to low-cost, fair, and flexible loans in the UK.

Unlike traditional lenders that solely rely on credit scores, Fintern takes a unique approach by considering your transaction data, which is often overlooked, to offer affordable loans.

In this blog post, we will delve into the various aspects of Fintern loans, including interest rates, requirements, application process, app download, customer care, and its legitimacy.

Interest Rate

Fintern offers personal loans ranging from £1,000 to £10,000, with different maximum durations based on the loan amount. For loans below £5,000, the maximum duration is three years, while loans above £5,000 have a maximum duration of five years.

The representative APR on Fintern loans is 24.8%, and the maximum APR offered is 25.8%. However, it’s crucial to note that interest rates can change over time, so borrowers should verify the interest rates on any loan offer before accepting it.

Example: Let’s consider a £2,000 loan repayable over 36 months with a 24.8% p.a. interest rate. The monthly payments would be £76.75, making the total amount repayable £2,763.00.

Fintern Loan Requirements

Fintern aims to be inclusive and accessible to a wide range of individuals. The loan requirements include:

  • Being a resident of the UK.
  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Having a stable source of income.
  • Possessing a bank account for loan disbursement and repayments.

Unlike traditional lenders, Fintern does not exclude individuals with limited or poor credit history. Instead, they focus on your ability to afford monthly repayments, empowering more people to qualify for low-cost loans.

How to Apply for a Fintern Loan

The application process for a Fintern loan is straightforward and user-friendly. Follow these steps to apply for a loan:

  1. Visit the Fintern website or download the Fintern App from an official app store.
  2. Fill in the necessary information and provide details about your financials for analysis.
  3. Receive an accurate view of how much you can repay monthly based on your transaction data.
  4. Define a sustainable repayment plan according to your affordability.

Fintern Loan App Download

For added convenience, you can download the Fintern App on your mobile device to access loan services.

However, we strongly advise against downloading loan apps from unofficial app stores to avoid potential security risks and scams. Always ensure you download the official app from a trusted source.

Contact Details

You can contact finterm loan through the following means

  • Email:
  • Telephone: (+44) 020 3443 8881

Is Fintern Legit?

Fintern is a legitimate and authorised lender regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with the firm reference number 929244. They are committed to providing fair and transparent loan services.

However, as with any financial institution, it’s essential to stay vigilant and conduct your due diligence before dealing with Fintern or any other lender.


Fintern is revolutionizing the lending landscape in the UK by offering affordable loans based on your financials, not just your credit score. By analyzing transaction data and focusing on your ability to afford repayments, Fintern ensures more people can access low-cost and flexible loans.

Remember to review the interest rates, meet the requirements, and use the official Fintern App for a seamless borrowing experience.

Always exercise caution and make informed decisions when dealing with financial services. Your financial journey is now empowered with Fintern Loan.

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