Does Fairmoney Call Contacts or Send Message to them?

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If you want to get FairMoney loan, one question that may be on your mind is whether they will call your Contacts or Send Message to them should you fail to pay back as and when due.

So in this post, we answer the questions and give you our recommendation and advice.

FairMoney is a reliable financial company that operate under regulation of cbn and other financial bodies. As such, they cannot do just anything that’s not ethical.

As it it in Nigeria at this time, it’s illegal for any loan app to invade the privacy of their customers by sending unsolicited messages to their contacts or call them for any reason.

No doubt there are loan apps that does that but those are loan sharks. Reputable companies like fairmoney will not do that.

However, our recommendation is that you should only take loan that you can pay back. FairMoney will not call your contact but thay will report you to credit bureau if you fail to pay your debt.

When you’re reported to credit bureau, your BVN will be noted and will affect you negatively. Your credit history will show you don’t have good records and you wont be able to get loan even from banks.

In conclusion, you can get loan from fairmoney without fear of them calling your contracts. But ensure ykh pay them back.

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  1. What happens when I pay my loan before due date?
    Can I get another loan immediately if I pay my undue loan

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