Cheapest Domain & Web Hosting $1 a Year – how to get cheap .com registration in 2022

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Looking for cheapest domain name and hosting plan in 2022? The best place to register .com, .net, .org, .In or any other domain extensions and web hosting today?

Whether you’re from the US, UK, India, Nigeria, South Africa or any other country in the the world, this is going to be of great benefit to you.

This is your one stop place to find all registrars offering cheapest domain name and hosting package on their website at the moment.

I will always update this post for you, so before you register any extension, make sure you visit and check this place for where to buy your hosting plan at a cheapest price.

Note that I do not have affiliate with any of these domain registrars. I’m only giving you this info for your benefits.

Cheapest place to buy .com domains is offering .com domain names for 4.97 dollars. is a reliable company and you will love their service.

Upfate: today being the second day of November 2022, I bought .com domain from them for less than 5 usd.

This is to confirm to you that even as price hike has recently rocked domain registration worldwide, this company still maintained cheapest .com registration.

Nominalia Is offering .com cheapest domain names for just 1.13 us dollar at the moment. $1 for people in the EU. Note: Only 3 names at this price per customer

LCN Presently LCN is giving .Com domain names for just $2.56. You can go grab yours before the promo ends. Offer is 1 name per customer.

AtakDomain is another registrar you can get a cheap domain from for just $4.99. Note that AtakDomain website is in Turkish language, however you can translate the website to English and make your purchase. I purchased 1 domain name from them recently.

Another place to register cheapest domain name is 123-Reg. $2.41 for your first .com domain.

Other domain extensions and where to register them at the cheapest price

Here are other extension and where you can get cheapest domain names:


  • $5.59 Cosmotown
  • $5.99 Dynadot
  • $6.98 Freenom
  • $8.50 Doteasy


  • 1ONOS $4
  • Porkbun $6.63
  • $6.74
  • Epik $6.99


  • Porkbun $1.37
  • Sav $1.95
  • $6.89
  • Namecheap $7.88
  • Hello $7.99


  • Porkbun $1.04
  • Sav 1.95 dollar
  • NameSilo 2.79 dollars
  • AlibabaCloud $2.99
  • $2.99
  • Uniregistry 2.99
  • 2.99 us dollars
  • 1ONOS $3.00
  • GODaddy $3.17

.In domain cheapest price

  • OnlyDomains – $0.95
  • Crazy Domains – $0.99
  • Dynadot – $0.99
  • Connect Res – $1.03
  • Nettigritty – $1.24
  • Regway – $1.43
  • – $1.48
  • IONOS – $4.50
  • Open Provider – $5.31
  • Porkbun – $5.68


  • AlibabaCloud 0.18
  • Sav 0.69
  • CrazyDomains $0.70
  • 0.7
  • AlIDomains 0.85
  • DreamHost 0.89
  • Pananames 0.92
  • UpperLink 0.96
  • Porkbun 0.98


Truehost 4000 (.ng)

Truehost 1000 (

.US domain Extension

  • Namecheap 0.99
  • Sav 0.99
  • Porkbun 2.37
  • Dynadot 2.49
  • NameSilo 3.19
  • Truehost 3.59
  • Directnic 3.99

Where to buy Cheapest Web Hosting in 2022

Now, what if I told you there’s a very reliable US hosting company that will host all your domains (unlimited) for less than 1.5 dollar for 1 year?

If you’re looking for place to buy cheapest web hosting package, I have a good news for you. I’m about to show you a fantastic website that sells unlimited domain hosting plan for just $1 for the first 1 year.

The name of the company is I’ve used their hosting plan and I can tell you that it’s a superb service for the lowest price ever.

I’ve used their hosting plan for a complete year without any problem, and I can tell you that it’s a superb service for the lowest price ever.

Even after 12 months of uninterrupted hosting experience, they still gave me grace of like 3 weeks to either renew my hosting plan or move my sites away to a new host.

Once again, I do not have any affiliate link or anything from or any other links on this post. I just want to share what I think might be of good use with you.


Hope this post has helped you get cheap domain and hosting. If you have any other cheap domain or hosting plan that should be added here please comment below.

Also, please if you are able to buy domain from any of the hosting companies listed above, do let’s know to help others in making decisions.


Some part of this post (the is updated today 2nd october, 2022.

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