Best Apps and Websites to Make Money Online in South Africa 2023

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I’m going to share with you seven best apps to make money every single day in South Africa. I’ll be taking you through each website and letting you know what you can expect to do in order to earn money using the website.

The first website that we’re going to look at is available in South Africa, but it’s also available worldwide and in different languages as well. So, do check it out. It’s called Opinion Bureau. Opinion Bureau is a market research platform where you’ll be paid money for participating in online surveys. Also, there are different activities like the daily poll and so on that you can participate in to earn money.

What’s exciting about this website in South Africa is the fact that it pays very well for online surveys. There are surveys that will pay you 50 cents and upwards, some surveys will pay you a hundred cents and upwards, depending on whether you qualify for the survey or not.

It is also one of the easiest platforms to use. So, you can check in daily to find a survey. Whenever they find a survey that matches your profile, they’re going to send you information on your email. You’ll click a link to participate in the survey, and you’ll get paid when you’ve completed the survey.

Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is another website you can make money from in South Africa. On the website, you can become an influencer, help companies offer better products and services and earn rewards.

So that’s what it’s all about. You answer questions from different brands and websites as a way of helping them improve their products and services. You’ll redeem your earnings for gift cards, and they have amazing gift cards. You can earn Amazon gift cards, get paid to your MasterCard, earn iTunes, Skype, as well as TGI Fridays gift cards.

You can register on Opinion Bureau by going to

Old Mutual Rewards

The next website is also amazing. I love this platform for the fact that it is reliable. It’s been around for quite some time, and now they have a Rewards program that can make you a lot of money by doing different activities on the platform.

It is called Old Mutual Rewards. I’ve done a video detailing this opportunity, so do check it out in the description box down below. I’m going to leave it for you guys.

In a nutshell, it is an amazing platform that’s going to reward you for keeping track of your finances, doing money assessments, participating in their calculators, but also participating in the 22seven platform. So when you log into the 22seven platform on a daily basis and arrange your finances with your different banks and so on, it earns you points, and in that way, you can earn free money.

They also have MoneyVarsity, which is a university for money, where they teach you how to handle money, how to build good credit, and a whole lot of information that’s going to help you manage your money better.

So, it is free to sign up for Old Mutual Rewards. You don’t even have to be an Old Mutual client to start making money with this platform. Anyone can sign up and participate in different activities over here to start making money.

Register here


The next website that we’re going to look at is going to pay you for participating in online surveys. It’s available and works well in South Africa, and they also have other tasks within the platform where you can watch videos in certain areas.

You can also participate in playing games, and it is called OfferNation. It is this website that I’m looking at here on my screen. On Offer Nation you can “Complete online surveys for money.” And yes, they pay you via PayPal, Visa, Amazon gift cards, or Tango gift cards.

The numbers for this website speak for themselves. As you can see, they’ve paid over a 1.6m people who are using this platform on a daily basis. I can tell you that it is one of the most amazing websites where you can make money in South Africa with lots of opportunities.

So, if you do have time to sit and fill out online surveys, you stand a chance of making good money with OfferNation.

Sign up here

Yandex Toloka

I think this one is also amazing because it keeps you engaged, and trust me, if you participate in different activities on this platform, you’ll get to make good money at the end of the month. This app or website is called Yandex Toloka.

So the type of tasks that you can expect to do here are tasks such as evaluations of images and videos, audio. You can also do city tasks when you go to the city and do a certain task that they will request you to do.

Also, you can do information and surveys on this platform. I love the convenience of the platform and the fact that it pays you from as little as a dollar. You don’t have to reach a lot of money before you can cash out on this platform to your PayPal account and other payment options that allow everyone in the world to earn money from the platform.


The next one is Swagbucks, and I love Swagbucks via the fact that they work well in South Africa, and of course, they’ve got a lot of tasks for South Africans within their platform.

Here is a task where you can play the best Gin Rummy card game, which is a free game that you can install on your Android phone and earn 3000 SB. By the way, you can cash out from Swagbucks as soon as you reach 1000 SB, which earns you a 10-dollar gift card, whether it’s PayPal, Amazon, and so on.

You can also buy into some of the apps and websites. Let’s say you were looking for a VPN and you were going to buy a VPN. You can come into Swagbucks and buy a VPN from here and earn points. In other words, your VPN price would have been discounted over here. As you can see, you can get 82 percent off for two years plus four months free of the VPN that you buy here.

However, you don’t have to buy anything. There are some sign-ups that you can do here for

absolutely free. You can participate in games, participate in online surveys for free without paying anything, and earn quite good money. They work with some of the biggest offer walls or survey offer walls. You can also earn money by shopping on different platforms as well. Swagbucks is one of the platforms that I recommend for South Africans to make money.

Let’s get into the next one, You can use this website to participate in online surveys, playing games, downloading apps, and doing different tasks. You can also earn passive income by recommending this website to other people. So whenever they use it, you earn commissions when they successfully complete different tasks.

It is called It is this website that I’m looking at here on my screen. You’ll participate in online paid surveys. They also have a good offer wall here where you’ll find different companies offering different tasks. You can also do referrals, and when you refer people, you earn money. You can also participate in their contests. This is another opportunity.

With this platform, it’s also easy to cash out because as soon as you reach a dollar, you can cash out to PayPal. They also pay via Skrill and have got different kinds of cards that you can redeem your money or your points for. is available in South Africa, and it’s also available in other parts of the world, so it’s worth checking out.


The last website is one that’s growing right now, and it will pay you for working. If you are someone who works, jogs, or exercises in the gym, you can take advantage of this money-making app or website and earn money for something that you would otherwise do for absolutely free. It is called Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin will pays you to walk, so you can get paid for being healthy, doing something that you are supposed to do.” You can make money by becoming an influencer.

So on their home page, you see they have “Become an influencer” tab. By clicking there, you can sign up to promote this app. They say, “Earn cash rewards when someone joins Sweatcoin from your unique link.”

So you can take it from there by signing up to become an influencer. The good thing is, anyone can become an influencer here. You don’t have to have a lot of traffic or anything. You just have to promote this website to people who can benefit from using it.

Final words

These are the websites that I have to share with you here today. But do let me know what you think in the comment section down below. If you’ve used any of these websites to make money, let me know your experience, which one is it, how much has it paid you, are you loving it, and what are some tips that you can give people who are wanting to earn from these different websites.

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