Amali POS – Charges, Terminal, Price, Daily target, how to get it

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In this post you’ll learn about Amali POS, what is the charges, daily targets, Requirements, how to use the terminal and more.

Amali is an emerging fintech company under VFD group of companies. Amali POS is an Hybrid-based POS that has the ability to carry out card withdrawals, print receipts, pay bills, and do transfers.

Amali is building an ecosystem of service providers, financial institutions, agent networks, technology solutions, and solid methodologies; working together to bridge the existing financial and social inclusion gaps in Africa.

Amali POS Price

Amali pos is not for sale according to the company, but the agent will pay the onboarding/Registration fee of #15,000.

The pos still belong to the company and have the right to retrieve the pos from the agent if the agent can not meet the target on the pos by the company.


The below-listed services OR FEATURES are available on Amali POS:

1. Card withdrawals:

This will enable the customer to make withdrawals from their bank account through their ATM cards and store the value in the agent’s wallet while the agent releases equivalent value to the customer after collecting the agreed charges for the transaction.

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Amali will deduct 0.55% of any amount capped at #100. (Capped means: the highest amount that Amali can charge regardless of whatever the 0.55% of the amount gives).

2. Cash Transfer:

This will allow customers that desire to pay into any bank account to do so by giving the cash to the agent while the agent deposits the money by deducting it from his/her wallet/account. The agent will collect the agreed charges from customers accordingly.

Amali will deduct #25 per transfer transaction from the agent’s wallet.

3. Wallet Top up/ Deposit:

This will allow agents to pay into their wallets.

#100 charges will be deducted from the agent’s wallet.

4. Bill payments:

Electricity, cable, Airtime, Data Betting account Funding e.t.c.

5. Account Balance Checking:

This will allow customers to be able to check their balance before making withdrawals. This service is free

6. USSD/Cardless withdrawal:

This will allow customers that do not have ATM cards to withdraw from their account by dialing the USSD codes that will be generated from the POS into the phone with a Sim card that was registered at their bank.

Amali will charge #100 from the agent’s wallet.

7. Wallet to Wallet:

This will allow Amali Agent to transfer money to another Amali agent. #50 will be deducted for any amount moved from the agent’s wallet.

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Amali pos agent requiremens:

This is a gentle reminder of the requirements for Agents.

– Agent Application Form.

– Agent Agreement.

– Guarantor’s form

– Copies of ID card, Passport Photo, Utility Bill

Amali POS daily targets

Amali daily and monthly Transactions Target are as follows

– 16 transactions Daily

– 400 transactions monthly.

Agents are encouraged to always meet and if possible surpass the set target. There is an incentive for those agents performing very well.

Amali Reserve the right to retrieve POS from all idle and underperformed Agents and reassign them to another agent after the grace period of 60 days.

Withdrawal Charges

– Cash withdrawal = 0.55% capped at N100

– Cash withdrawal = 0.55% capped at N100


1000 = N5.5

2000 = N11

3000 = N16.5

4000 = N22

5000 = N27.5

6000 = N33

7000 = N38.5

8000 = N44

9000 = N49.5

10,000 = N55

11,000 = N60.5

12,000 = N66

13,000 = N71.5

14,000 = N77

15,000 = N82.5

16,000 = N88

17,000 = N93.5

18,000 = N99

19,000 = N100

20,000 = N100

20,000 ABOVE = N100

– Funds transfer = N25 Flat up to N250,000


Amali pos is good for you if you’re looking for a quick to get and inexpensive pos machine. If you need more information, clarification or have some questions, ask them as comments and I’ll respond as soon as possible.



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