TouchLoan Uganda APK download, How to Apply for Touch Loan

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Touch Loan presents an online loan app in Uganda designed to provide accessible unsecured loans to individuals, simplifying the borrowing process.

This platform offers a range of loan amounts and durations, aiming to meet various financial needs. Delve into the details of Touch Loan, encompassing interest rates, requirements, application procedures, app download, customer care, and its legitimacy.

Touch Loan Interest Rate Breakdown

Understanding the interest rates offered by Touch Loan is crucial before considering a loan. For instance:

  • Loan Amount: Ranges from UGX 30,000 to UGX 500,000.
  • Loan Tenure: Extends from 91 days up to 365 days.
  • Total Rate (APR): Falls between 16% to 45% APR.

It’s essential to note that interest rates can vary over time. Verify and comprehend the current interest rates before proceeding with any loan offers.


To qualify for a loan through Touch Loan, individuals must fulfill specific criteria:

  • Correct personal information submission is crucial.

How to Apply for Touch Loan

Accessing a loan through Touch Loan involves a simple process:

  1. Account Registration: Create an account on the app.
  2. Credit Information: Fill in necessary credit details.
  3. Loan Application: Choose the desired loan amount and apply.
  4. Disbursement: Receive the loan amount upon approval.

Touch Loan App Download

Downloading the Touch Loan app securely from the Google Play Store entails the following steps:

  1. Search for “Touch Loan-Uganda.”
  2. Choose the official app developed by Touch Loan.
  3. Download and install the app.

Avoid downloading loan apps from unofficial sources to ensure security and reliability.

How to Contact Touch Loan Customer Care

For inquiries or assistance, individuals can reach out to Touch Loan’s customer support:

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +2560763842045

Is Touch Loan Legit?

While Touch Loan offers a user-friendly platform for loans, exercising caution is vital. Companies and their offerings can change over time.

Individuals should engage with Touch Loan or any financial service prudently, ensuring a thorough understanding of terms and conditions before proceeding.

In summary, Touch Loan provides an accessible platform for Ugandans to access loans conveniently. However, individuals should be diligent in understanding the interest rates, meeting eligibility criteria, utilizing the services responsibly, and contacting customer care for any inquiries or clarifications.

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