Borrow 150k Naira Loan in Nigeria

If you need 150k naira loan and your bank is not giving you, its high time you try online loans. It can be pretty difficult to get loans these days. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get one that will not give you a headache.

There is a collection of loan apps that are willing to offer you quick loans without collateral and any paperwork

Borrow up to 150k loan in Nigeria

We can help you find loans for your urgent needs

  • Find credible loans in minutes
  • Find online loans for free
  • Up to 3 months period
  • No collateral is required

Below are companies you can apply for up to 150k Naira loan from right now:

Fairmoney – can give you up to 100k Naira as a new user. You can apply for fairmoney loan in minutes. Click on the above link and find out how to apply

NCredit Loan – Ncredit loans are quick and easy to get. All you have to do is have the app and you can apply immediately. Click to apply immediately

Okash – offers easy access to loans when you need it. Their Interest rate is affordable and long term up to 1 year. With Okash, you can be sure to get up to 100,000 naira loan offer as a new customer

Nairabag Loan – Nairabag is relatively new. However, many Nigerians have taken their loans easily. You too can apply and get funds. Start by clicking on Nairabag

EaseMoni Loan – EaseMoni is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria offering up to 100,000 naira to its customers. If you need money urgently this is a great option. Just follow the right path and you can get a loan instantly


Please note: Always check and confirm the loan terms and interest rates before taking them. Also, avoid making repayments to a non-official account number of the company you take a loan from.