Zenith bank Customer Care Whatsapp number & email address

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Zenith bank has a dedicated customer care unit that’s ready to answer all your questions in relation to their banking services.

In this post, you will find info about zenith bank:

  • customer care number
  • Whatsapp number
  • Email address

Zenith has launched a new Intelligent online Assistant that works well for their customers

You can experience the new banking feature by just saying saving the number on your mobile phone.

Zenith bank customer care WhatsApp number

Now, what is the real number for customers to reach out to Zenith on WhatsApp? The number is 07040004422.

Zenith customer care gives you an opportunity to talk and interact with the bank 24 hours a day.

You don’t have to leave your house before you resolve your banking issues. Right there on your phone, you can get them solved.

Email address

The Zenith bank email address is zenithdirect@zenithbank.com. You can reach out to the bank by sending an email to this address and be sure they’ll attend to your question as soon as possible.

Zenith bank phone number for calls

Here’s zenith bank’s phone number to call whenever you want to reach out to them via phone call 23412787000.

You can as well visit any nearest branch to get your issues resolved.

Connect on social media

If you prefer to reach out to ten in any of your social media accounts, you can do so also.

On Twitter

Search For Zenith bank to find their account. Make sure the Twitter handle you’re following is a verified one to avoid following a fraudulent account.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZenithBank

On Facebook

Find the zenith bank page on Facebook and connect with them. Alternatively, you can comment on any of their posts

Make sure you don’t drop any of your sensitive information on Facebook to avoid being scammed.


What you can do with Zenith bank WhatsApp or phone number

    • Get updated and reliable Information on any of the Zenith Bank financial services
    • Request for your account balance. Note that you will be asked some security questions to ensure you’re the real owner of the account.
    • Resolve ATM card transaction problems
    • Emergency request for ATM card to be blocked
    • Ask questions about online banking and related features
    • Make a request for your Zenith bank Statement of account
    • Any other complaints related to this bank


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  3. Good morning money was sent to my account since yesterday and I did not receive the alert neither did I see the money

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