Why Payoneer is the Best Alternative to PayPal for Nigerians

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For many Nigerians, especially those who work online, receiving payments from international clients is a necessity.

Unfortunately, PayPal, the most widely used payment processor, is not available for receiving payments in Nigeria.

This has made it difficult for Nigerians to access their hard-earned money. However, Payoneer has emerged as the best alternative to PayPal for Nigerians, and in this blog post, we will explore why.

Policy Issues with PayPal

One of the major issues Nigerians face when it comes to PayPal is policy.

PayPal does not allow Nigerians to receive payments, and this has caused a lot of inconvenience for those who depend on online payments.

Even those who use the service through the backdoor run the risk of having their account banned.

On the other hand, Payoneer has no such policy issues. Nigerians can receive payments directly into their Payoneer account, and there is no fear of getting banned for using the service.

Accepted by Most Freelance Companies

Another reason why Payoneer is the best alternative to PayPal for Nigerians is that it is accepted as a payment option by most freelance companies.

Websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork, which are popular among Nigerian freelancers, accept Payoneer as a payment option.

Accessing Payoneer Funds in Nigeria

Once you receive payment into your Payoneer account, you can apply for a MasterCard. With your Payoneer MasterCard, you can withdraw your money from any ATM service point worldwide.

You can also have your Payoneer funds deposited directly into your bank account using bank wire transfer.


Pricing is another factor that makes Payoneer a better alternative to PayPal for Nigerians.

Payments from other Payoneer customers are free, which means you can easily receive payments from other Payoneer account holders without incurring any charges.

Credit card transactions from customers are charged at 3 percent, and eChecks are charged at 1 percent.


In conclusion, Payoneer is the best alternative to PayPal for Nigerians. It offers a convenient way for Nigerians to receive payments from international clients, and it is accepted by most freelance companies.

Payoneer also has no policy issues, which makes it a safer and more reliable option for Nigerians.

If you are a Nigerian freelancer or online entrepreneur looking for a reliable payment processor, then Payoneer is the way to go.

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