When will Nigeria be like USA, Canada, UK or Dubai?

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People are asking when will Nigeria be like USA, UK or Dubai? They want to know if our the giant of Africa, as it’s been called, can ever come close to the first world countries that rule the world.

In this post, I’ll try to answer your questions if this is what you’re looking for now.

Nigeria is a great country blessed with resources. It is a land full of opportunities and hope. This is a true fact irrespective of what the nation going through at the moment.

America has been around as a super power country for a long time. Long before Nigeria ever think of advancement. Same goes with Dubai and United Kingdom.

These countries have been well established far before Nigeria got independence.

Dubai got its independence on 9 June 1833. The USA got independence from Britain on 4 July 1776, UK in 1822, and Canada in 1 July 1867.

Nigeria got its independence on 1 October 1960. That’s less than a century.

What I’m I saying? Nigeria can be great like other prosperous nations of the world, but greatness takes time.

If Nigerians can put good leaders in their government power then good things can happen.

When Nigeria will become like Canada, London, and the likes is not known. However, anything can happen if we want to make it happen.

The collective efforts of every citizen and government officials can push Nigeria to become like USA, Dubai, UK and the rest.

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