In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God (Luke 15:7 NLT)

When a child is born into a family, the whole family is filled with joy as they contact each other to narrate the good news. Men and women are filled with joy and excitement for the newborn baby.

They are not sure of what the baby will become in life yet they show their gladness for having him/her. Countless congratulatory greetings will be submitted to the parents’ table.

On the eighth day, a celebration party will be thrown into the air. There will be singing and dancing, eating and drinking. People will come from far and near to celebrate the baby. Many of them will even bring presents for the baby.

Anytime the parents sleep and wake up to see the baby beside them, there always will be happiness in their hearts. They will make sure the baby is properly taken care of, proper food in the proper time, breastfeeding in its appropriate time.

 All these, the parents, family members, well-wishers, are doing is completely outside of the baby’s knowledge. The parents are celebrating, but the baby, to whom the celebration is made, is not aware.

When the family and friends are bringing in different gifts, the child is completely unaware of it.

Now here is the point: even though the child is completely unconscious of what is going on in the house, the parents never stopped involving themselves in different activities for the sake of the baby.

There is a celebration in the house but the baby did not know. There is singing and dancing but the celebrant is oblivious; there is joy in the family because of the baby but the baby himself/herself does not know.

…in the same way, there is joy in heaven over a sinner that repents.

This is exactly how it happens in the realm of the spirit. When a sinner comes to God, a baby is born spiritually into God’s Kingdom. Though the former sinner, now a child is completely unaware of what goes on in heaven, plenty of celebrations go on there.

It isn’t out of place to say that when we pray, we commit angels to work; when we praise God we feed Him with His food, but when a soul is won into God’s Kingdom the whole of heaven is thrown into an atmosphere of great joy.

Why Will There Be Joy In Heaven Over A Sinner That Repents?

  • God loves sinners and He does not want them to perish
  • The Lord has been knocking, calling and waiting for the sinners to come home and now he’s yielded the call. 
  • When a sinner turns to God, a baby is born of God.

There is no need in heaven for many sinners to repent before the celebration begins. In heaven, there’s no celebration by batch. 

Immediately a sinner, just one sinner, comes home, the celebration begins. More than the value we place on our children here on earth, a baby in God’s Kingdom is being valued in heaven.

If only you will come to Jesus now, I tell you- the whole of heavens will celebrate your homecoming. They will welcome you into the Kingdom of your true Father.

What Happens To A Sinner That Comes To God?

He is accepted. No matter what the sinner has done, no matter who he or she is, God will not reject such. You will be accepted into God’s kingdom.

He has turned from death to life. He has saved his soul from the destruction of hell. 

Hitherto, he was walking his life along the path of death and darkness, all the way to hell, but now he is walking in the light to eternal life and glory with Jesus.

He becomes a child of God. Now he has fully become a child of God, a born again Christian, and a new creature.

Now old things are passed away and all things have become new.

You cannot know how much God loves you until you have surrendered your life to Him. But when a sinner comes to God he will surely know how much he’s being loved by God.


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