VSNaira Loan: Customer care number, App Download

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Vsnaira loan is A platform that provides easy access for users to borrow money online. You can apply anytime anywhere, with easy verification and without collateral.

Flexible Loan

1. Loan amount: up to ₦200,000

2. Period : 91-365 days

3. Max Apr : 15% per year


If you choose a cash loan of ₦1,000 with a period of 91 days, the fees charged are as follows:

Monthly interest rate: 15%/12 = 1.25%

Monthly interest: ₦1,000 * 1.25% = ₦12.5

Monthly payment amount: ₦1,000/3 + ₦12.5 = ₦345.83

Total interest: ₦1,000 * (15%/365) * 91 days = ₦37.40

Total amount to be returned: ₦1,000 + ₦37.40 = ₦1.037.4

Easy Process

Enjoy the convenience of getting direct disbursement just from your smartphone. Complete your personal data, and once your application is approved, the funds will be disbursed to your account.

No Collateral

You can apply for a loan anytime, anywhere. Only with a valid Government ID, get unsecured credit up to ₦200,000.

Quality Service

VSNaira loan always strives to improve our quality and service, in order to meet customer satisfaction. If you have any questions or complaints, please contact to our customer service number.

Safe and Reliable

We protects all user information and we will not post your personal data to third parties without prior consent.

Convenient Repayment

You can check your Vsnaira app and follow the instructions. In fact, early and ontime repayment may help you qualify for larger loans in the future.

Get convenience in applying for a cash loan directly from your smartphone!


1. Nigeria resident aged 21-60 years.

2. Have a valid Government ID.

3. Have a source of a monthly income.

How to Apply For Loan

1. Download Vsnaira application via Playstore.

2. Register an account.

3. Complete all the information.

4. Choose the amount and period of the loan as needed.

5. Please wait for the verification process. If the application is approved, the funds will immediately be disbursed into your account.

Customer care

E-mail : service@vsnaira.ng

Operational Hours: Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 18.00


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  1. I registered for a loan and I saw 41 100 when they want to send me money they sent me 30k I have returned it imidatly

  2. Good morning my name is imoleayo Bamigboye I apply a loan from your vsnaira app wish I saw 41.100 when they want to send me money they sent,30.000 to repay 47000 . imidatly I saw the money I sent the money back so should not ask me any money. I think this app is a scam

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