Vpay Merchant app – Registration, Login, Referral Code & Download

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The Vpay Merchant app allows sme companies, store owners, and app operators to accept consumer transfers while they are away from their business.

For instance, a merchant with three company locations who wants his employees to receive transfers without having access to the funds might create numerous outlets on Vpay app to begin accepting customer transfers.

In this article, I will explain how Vpay Merchant works and how to set it up immediately, as well as address any concerns you may have regarding the application.

On the Nigerian app market, Vpay app is one of the most popular and cheapest payment apps, with cool pricing.

Here are some features of the Vpay app.

Accept customer transfers and receive immediate notification (avoid fake alert)
Fund Transfer
Payment for Utilities
The app offers savings.
Purchase airtime for any provider
Monitor employee accounts for all outlets
Utilizing the app, monitor your company’s expansion.

Vpay Registration and requirements

To register on vpay Merchant app, first download the app and install it on your smartphone. After that, open the app and click on register.

The registration process is simple and easy to follow once you lunch the app.

Now, there are some requirements needed to register a Vpay account. Some of them are listed below:

  • A government issues Identity card. E.g, International Passport, voter cards or National ID Card
  • Utility Bill (such as water or Nepa Bill)
  • Valid BVN
  • Your bank Account Number

You will also need to submit your personal information such as

  • Your real name (first and last name)
  • Your gender
  • Your valid Email address..
  • Your valid Phone number.

Advantages of the Vpay Merchant app?

Instantaneously validate consumer bank payment

payments across all locations.

There is no need for your employees to contact you to confirm a customer’s transfer, as they can view it on their app.

However, the wonderful part is that they will not be able to transfer or access the funds.

You alone are able to transfer funds from your app.

Vpay eliminates the chance of a bank chargeback because any funds that enter your account cannot be reversed.

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Vpay Marchant app safeguards you and your business from false alerts because you are constantly notified of any customer transfer.

Vpay app download

To download and register on Vpay app follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Google play store and Download the Vpay app
  • After installing the app, lunch and register for an account
  • As required, upload all kyc documents so as to get your account verified
  • After your account is approved, you can start taking payment from your customers immediately.

Vpay Charges for Marchants

For Marchants, on every transfer you receive from a customer the charges for Vpay Nigeria is 0.1 percent, and for pos agents, the charges is 0.3 percent. On average, the charges on every deposit you make on Vpay app is 15 naira only.

N1000 – N1

N2000 – N2

N3000 – N3

N4000 – N4

N5000 – N5

N6000 – N6

N7000 – N7

N8000 – N8

N9000 – N9

N10,000 – N10

N11,000 – N11

N12,000 – N12

N13,000 – N13

N14,000 – N14

N15,000 – N15

N16,000 – N16

N17,000 – N17

N18,000 – N18

N19,000 – N19

N20,000 – N20

N21,000 – N21

N22,000 – N22

N23,000 – N23

N24,000 – N24

N25,000 – N25

N26,000 – N26

N27,000 – N27

N28,000 – N28

N29,000 – N29

N30,000 – N30

N31,000 – N31

N32,000 – N32

N33,000 – N33

N34,000 – N34

N35,000 – N35

N36,000 – N36

N37,000 – N37

N38,000 – N38

N39,000 – N39

N40,000 and above – N40 (even though is N1million)

Vpay Commission on subscriptions

Here are the commissions Vpay will pay you as an agent when you buy airtime, or pay for Tv subscription for a customer or pay electricity bill for customers

MTN 2 percent commission

Glo  2 percent commission

Etisalat  2 percent commission

Airtel 2 percent commission

FOR TV Subscription

DStv 2 percent commission.

GOgtv 2 percent commission.

PHCH 2 percent commission.

Startime 2 percent commission.

What makes Vpay standout?

You may want to know Why do so many people like Vpay app. The reason people want to use Vpay Marchant app is because their services are:

  • Reliable
  • Low pricing
  • Excellent network reliability
  • You get instant settlement
  • Great customer support and constant network update
  • Reconcile Payment
  • Shop via Bank Transfer
  • Increase Customer Sales
  • Eliminate Customer Delay
    Track Sales


How do I change my Vpay password?

To change your Vpay password, open the Vpay app and click “forget password” at the bottom of the page. An OTP (One-time password) will be sent to the SIM card you registered with on Vpay.

Why does Vpay Nigeria require a BVN?

The Bank Verification Number is used to check that the given personal information is valid for the CBN-required KYC documents.

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What shall I do if someone transferred funds to me but I did not see it on Vpay?

In this instance, the customer must contact their bank, as Vpay will always credit your account for any successful transaction. The reason you may not have received it could be a network issue at the customer bank.

However, if the customer claim transaction is successful, please request the customer’s session id (session id is a 30 digits number that the customer can get from his or her bank for any transfer transaction)

How do I log a complaint on the Vpay platform or app?

Using any of the following channels, you can file a SUPPORT ticket for any issue you’re experiencing with your app.

Vpay login and dashboard

You can access your account by logging in on the Vpay app, while your employees can use the Vpay Cashier app to manage their locations.

You can download vpay app on playstore to continue

How can I get vpay referral code

If you want tk make money with merchant app, you can sign up for their referral program and invite your friends using the vpay referral code.

To sign up for it, Login on app and create your referral code from there.

How do I improve my KYC status on Vpay?

By uploading all relevant documents, you can increase your kyc level from level 1 to level 2.

How safe is the Vpay app and where is the Vpay headquarters?

Vpay is licenced by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) and holds many high-level licences that permit it to provide agency banking services. You can visit the Vpay office at Foresight House, 163/165 Broad Street, Marina, Lagos Island, Nigeria 300255.

Is there a Vpay mobile app?

VPay Merchant has a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Simply visit the Google Play store and enter Vpay, or click here, to obtain the application immediately.

I cannot access my Vpay app

Your internet connection may be one of the reasons why you are unable to access the Vpay app. As is the case with the majority of mobile applications, you will be unable to log in to your Vpay Nigeria app if your internet connection is too slow or unavailable.

The solution is to turn off and then back on your data connection. or verify that you have an active data subscription, as it may indicate that your mobile data has run out.


You can download the Vpay app from the playstore to accept bank transfers from your customers in a secure manner.

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