UAE Dirham to Naira official & black market exchange rate today

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How much is AED to Naira today? What is the United Arab Emirates Dirham to Nigerian Naira right now? Find out here. The current price of AED to NGN is 114.04. 

The UAE Dirham to naira CBN conversion and aboki black market exchange rate are not the same. The official CBN conversion rate is always lower while the aboki black market exchange rate is higher.

This is the reason why a lot of Nigerians opt to change their foreign CURRENCIES like the United Arab Emirates AED with aboki black market instead of the official CBN.

Realtime conversion for today (note that time may differ depending on your country of residence):

Dirham to Naira Official (CBN) rate today

Here is the aed to naira exchange rate according to the CBN official market today

1 AED = 114.04 Naira

AED to Naira black market rate today

As at this time the unofficial rate for Dirham to naira is 160 naira.

Many FinTech apps that deal in currency exchange in Nigeria also use such rate to maximize profits. One example of such app is Barter by Flutterwave.

Realtime conversion tool

Find more aed to naira exchange rate in real time with the conversion tool below:

Other currencies

Find aed conversion rate to other currencies

Currency Value
1 AED to Afghan Afghani
Flag for Afghan Afghani
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1 AED to Albanian Lek 30.86
1 AED to Armenian Dram 110.62
1 United Arab Emirates Dirham to Netherlands Antillean Guilder 0.49
1 United Arab Emirates Dirham to Angolan Kwanza 116.95
1 AED to Argentine Peso 36.55
1 United Arab Emirates Dirham to Australian Dirham 0.38
1 United Arab Emirates Dirham to Aruban Florin 0.49
1 AED to Azerbaijani Manat 0.46
Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark 0.52
Barbadian Dirham 0.54
Bangladeshi Taka 25.87
Bulgarian Lev 0.52
Bahraini Dinar 0.10
Burundian Franc 555.67
Bermudan Dirham 0.27
Brunei Dirham 0.37
Bolivian Boliviano 1.88
Brazilian Real 1.41
Bahamian Dirham 0.27
Bitcoin 0.00
Bhutanese Ngultrum 21.65
Botswanan Pula 3.39
Belarusian Ruble 0.69
Belize Dirham 0.55
Canadian Dirham 0.35
Congolese Franc 544.78
Swiss Franc 0.26
Chilean Unit of Account (UF) 0.01
Chilean Peso 240.79
Chinese Yuan (Offshore) 1.84
Chinese Yuan 1.84
Colombian Peso 1,165.10
Costa Rican Colón 182.04
Cuban Convertible Peso 0.27
Cuban Peso 7.01
Cape Verdean Escudo 29.19
Czech Republic Koruna 6.42
Djiboutian Franc 48.61
Danish Krone 1.96
Dominican Peso 14.71
Algerian Dinar 38.94
Egyptian Pound 5.21
Eritrean Nakfa 4.08
Ethiopian Birr 14.21
Euro 0.26
Fijian Dirham 0.59
Falkland Islands Pound 0.22
British Pound Sterling 0.22
Georgian Lari 0.74
Guernsey Pound 0.22
Ghanaian Cedi 2.44
Gibraltar Pound 0.22
Gambian Dalasi 14.74
Guinean Franc 2,385.98
Guatemalan Quetzal 2.11
Guyanaese Dirham 56.98
Hong Kong Dirham 2.14
Honduran Lempira 6.69
Croatian Kuna 1.98
Haitian Gourde 34.16
Hungarian Forint 104.13
Indonesian Rupiah 4,009.71
Israeli New Sheqel 0.88
Manx pound 0.22
Indian Rupee 21.68
Iraqi Dinar 397.49
Iranian Rial 11,530.04
Icelandic Króna 36.95
Jersey Pound 0.22
Jamaican Dirham 41.37
Jordanian Dinar 0.19
Japanese Yen 36.19
Kenyan Shilling 32.51
Kyrgystani Som 22.50
Cambodian Riel 1,118.97
Comorian Franc 129.76
North Korean Won 245.03
South Korean Won 355.79
Kuwaiti Dinar 0.08
Cayman Islands Dirham 0.23
Kazakhstani Tenge 129.63
Laotian Kip 4,145.10
Lebanese Pound 413.15
Sri Lankan Rupee 98.81
Liberian Dirham 41.79
Lesotho Loti 4.46
Libyan Dinar 1.33
Moroccan Dirham 2.79
Moldovan Leu 5.23
Malagasy Ariary 1,145.26
Macedonian Denar 16.27
Myanma Kyat 507.54
Mongolian Tugrik 861.55
Macanese Pataca 2.20
Mauritanian Ouguiya 10.27
Mauritian Rupee 12.25
Maldivian Rufiyaa 4.18
Malawian Kwacha 279.06
Mexican Peso 5.43
Malaysian Ringgit 1.21
Mozambican Metical 17.40
Namibian Dirham 4.41
Nigerian Naira 114.04
Nicaraguan Córdoba 9.87
Norwegian Krone 2.59
Nepalese Rupee 34.65
New Zealand Dirham 0.42
Omani Rial 0.10
Panamanian Balboa 0.27
Peruvian Nuevo Sol 1.06
Papua New Guinean Kina 0.96
Philippine Peso 15.09
Pakistani Rupee 59.79

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