It shall come to pass in that day that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be consumed in the presence of the anointing. Isaiah 10:27 Jubilee Bible

There is a particular day that has been set aside for the breaking of every offensive yoke of the enemy in our lives. 

A day has been divinely fixed for the release of every man from his captivity, and unless that day breaks no man will ever enter into his freedom. 

Deliverance doesn’t just come any day, captives don’t become free by chance, everyone that will be free from his yoke will make it on the particular day set aside for him or her.

 And here is the truth: the power to bring that day into the limelight is in our hands- mine in my hands and yours in your hands. That means you are the one to decide whether to be free or not.

And it shall come to pass… The word ‘shall’ speaks of certainty. This is not a probability. It will surely come to pass but on that day.

It will never come to pass except on that day. That day is the most important day in your life because, when that day breaks your yokes are broken.

That day is the day you accept Christ into your heart. A day a man willingly surrenders his life totally to the Lord is the day of his freedom.

That’s why Jesus says,

Come to me all you that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Which rest is the Lord talking about? It’s a rest from every demonic yoke and oppressive burden from the devil.

We can clearly understand this from the picture of some men with a heavy load laid on them which they must continually carry.

Every step they take reduces their strength and renders their loads the more oppressive. Day after day they labour using their utmost exertions to reach nowhere.

But one day, as they were bitterly crying and profusely sweating and struggling along the way a man came their way, had compassion on them and call out to them in a loud voice:

 ‘hey, young men… you are struggling and being overstressed, come to me and I will give you rest… and I will help you.’  That is exactly how it is. The moment we come to Christ He gives us rest by taking away the yoke of the devil.

 The moment we come to Him, the moment we respond to His call, He takes away our burden and sets us free. 

You may not understand what I’m talking about until you have come to surrender your life totally to the Saviour.  If it’s only a few people that got their deliverance from the Lord it’s because only a few people come to Him. 

The first thing you will begin to observe in your life if you have genuinely come to Him is peace of mind and forgiveness, the joy of salvation and deliverance from the guilt of sin and condemnation spirit.

You got yourself delivered from all forms of fears and insecurity, worry and anxiety, all afflictions, curses, spells and others. 

Evang. Reinhard Bonnke of blessed memory once told this story. one day, a man went to a barbing salon to have his hair cut. Not too long both the barber and the man began a conversation.

 While they were still talking, the man suddenly mentioned about God and the barber interrupted: sorry I don’t believe in God, God does not exist…

Full of surprise, the man asked why?

‘If God exists,’ says the barber, ‘why do people get mad? Why do young people die? Why do people get sick…? Why does this happen? Why does that happen?’ 

When the man heard this he was confused. He did not want to start an argument with him, so he paid him for his service and went out of his shop.

 But while he was going down the street, he saw a mad man, dirty and wild; his hair very bushy and his beard unkempt.

He immediately had a lesson to teach the barber from this so he quickly went back to him and said, sir, do you know there are no barbers in this city?

The barber responded saying, Sir, I’m a barber and I just finished working on you now. Why, then do you say there are no barbers in this city?

But more emphatically the man said No! There are no barbers here! Look at that mad man outside; can you see his hair and beards unkempt? If there are barbers here that man would not be like that.

Then the barber said ‘oh, I’m a barber but the man is like that because he has not come to me, if he had, I would have helped him to look good.

Then the man said yes! There is God also; the only problem is that people don’t come to him, but all those who come to him are saved.

…and the yoke shall be broken. If God says the yoke shall be broken you should believe Him. Why? God won’t lie. Whatever God will not do, that He will not promise, and whatever he promised, that he will surely do.

 If someone asks you what gives you the assurance that the yoke will be destroyed just tell them that God promised it and that settles it.

If only you will come to Jesus I tell you, no curse or spell, no hex or charm, no jinx or enchantment made because of you will prosper, all incantations will be frustrated, whoever curses you will be cursed and whoever blesses you will be blessed.

…and the yoke shall be consumed in the presence of the anointing. Anointing breaks yokes.

No matter how strong you are and no matter how big your muscles and bones are, you cannot break the smallest yoke of the devil. I have seen strong people struggling under the devil’s oppression.

 The yoke will be destroyed not because you are a wealthy man or because you are educated, some professors suffer under demonic influence; not because of your knowledge or wisdom, but because of the anointing.

 It is the anointing of God in your life that will break the yoke on your neck. If you lack the anointing you cannot lack the yoke.

The woman with the issue of blood for twelve years got her deliverance the day she came to Jesus. She had been to many doctors, spent all that she had- her time and her money, all to no avail.

 Had it been that she did not come to Jesus she would have struggled and suffered for her problem all her life.

 Mary Magdalene was a woman possessed with many unclean spirits. She will continue to suffer from those demons if she had not met with Christ on that day.

Now here is the good news! Today is your day. Come to the throne of grace. Come to the Lord who can give you rest over the burdens and the yokes of the devil. He is calling to you now. Let Jesus work on you today. He’s been waiting for so long to have you.


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