Sunshine Loans, How does it work, How long before approval

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Sunshine Loans is an Australian-based credit company that has been in operation since 1999. The company’s primary focus is offering fast and easy loans to help cover unexpected expenses.

With secure application processes and a variety of loan options, it’s clear why thousands have chosen Sunshine Loans.

How Does Sunshine Loan Work?

Sunshine Loans provides an array of loans catering to various circumstances. Whether it’s a car repair loan, holiday loan, or emergency medical loan, they have a solution.

They even offer loans for individuals with bad credit and short-term personal loans to help with bill payments.

The Process

Their loan application process is beautifully simple. It involves an online application and a prompt assessment, without requiring faxes or paperwork. Once a loan contract is signed, funds are transferred instantly into the client’s bank account, accessible 24/7.


The Sunshine Loans website employs a 128-bit SSL encryption, ensuring all data is secure. The company operates under Australian Credit Licence Number 390556, further cementing their credibility in the industry.

Loan Types and Costs

Sunshine Loans offer two primary categories of loans: small and medium loans.

  • Small loans: These range from $150 to $2,000. They have a minimum term of 63 days and a maximum of 98 days. The costs include an establishment fee of 20% of the amount borrowed and monthly fees of 4%.
  • Medium loans range from $2001 to $2,500 with an Annual Percentage Rate of 48%. The minimum term is 63 days, with the maximum term capped at 140 days. In addition to interest, an establishment fee of $400 applies. Sunshine Loans does not offer medium loans over a two-year period.

How long does Sunshine loans take to approve?

Sunshine loans do not take too much time before approving your loan. The most important thing is for you to fill out your application correctly and submit the required details and documents.

Is Sunshine Loans Legit?

Sunshine Loans’ legitimacy is established through their regulatory compliance, ethical lending practices, robust security measures, and proven track record.

As a fully licensed entity under the Australian Credit Licence, the company demonstrates adherence to legal standards. Their commitment to ethical lending and customer education underlines responsible business practices.

Security is prioritized through 128-bit SSL encryption, ensuring data protection. Lastly, Sunshine Loans’ operational longevity since 1999 and reputation in the industry further validate its status as a legitimate lending institution.


Sunshine Loans stands out as an accommodating lending institution with easy online applications and a variety of loan options for different circumstances.

Whether it’s for car repairs, holiday expenses, or even coping with bad credit, Sunshine Loans could be the ray of sunshine needed in the midst of financial difficulties. As always, potential borrowers should consider their financial circumstances before borrowing.

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