Soft Naira loan code, interest rate and repayment options

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Soft Naira Loan

Soft Naira loan is a good option when you run out of cash. SoftNaira is an app that helps you apply a personal loan, in case there is any urgent needs. It pursues the best experience of mobile personal loans for Nigerians.

All loan applications, accounting to Soft Naira, are approved and sanctioned by CBN(Central Bank of Nigeria) and communicated upfront during Loan application.

SoftNaira Loans range from #40,000 to 800,000 naira with terms from 91-180 days. Interest rate starts from 15% – 36% with an equivalent monthly interest of 1.25% – 3% and APR of 15%-36%.

– Example:

If you choose a 91-day loan and borrow N50,000, the interest rate is 2% per month and the interest rate is 6%, Soft Naira would charge you #3000 as interest of 91-day repayment period. So the total amount of repayment is #5,3000.

Tanwii Credit Services (P) Ltd is a Systemically Important Microcredit Company within the group companies carrying the Soft Naira brand.

Why Soft Naira?

  • No paper works/documents
  • No collateral or guarantors
  • No hidden fees

How to get SoftNaira loan

  1. Install Soft Naira app from play store
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Request for a loan
  4. Wait for approval
  5. Loan disburse after Approval
  6. Withdraw money to your bank account

Loan Eligibility

1. Nigeria Resident

2. 20-60 years old

3. Monthly income

SoftNaira Contacts

Company name: Tanwii Credit Services (P) Ltd


Phone number: 08056294848

Company Address: Plot 7 Abuloma Rd, Okuruama 500101, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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  1. Please i mistakely send money to softnaira please kindly refund my money back the money i send is 75k yesterday or create wallet for me so i will be seen my money there

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