PayLater USSD Code for loan, interest rate and repayment

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If you need to find PayLater USSD code for loan and everything related, here is the post you’re looking for.

Carbon, formerly known as paylater, is one of the fintech that offer reliable loans to Nigerians. With PayLater ussd code, you can borrow money up to 500,000 naira within minutes using your phone.

Not only that Paylater loan is for both individuals and startups they also offer some financial services such as bill payments, airtime and data purchases, money transfer and many more.

Another fantastic services offered by PayLater is the investment opportunity they open up to individuals. If you have money you can invest with them and make up to 15 percent profit monthly.

PayLater USSD code

*1303# is the paylater USSD code that you can use to access loan whether your phone have internet or not.

You can borrow any amount up to 500,000 naira by just dialing the above code from any phone.
<p”>If you’re using Paylater loan app for the first time you may get a very low offer. However, as you keep on using their loan facilities and making early and timely repayment you’ll start getting bigger loans.

Interest rate

PayLater interest rate starts from 3% and can go up to 15%. Their loan tenure ranges from 2 weeks to 12 months depending on the amount you borrow.

If you make your repayment early pay later can also give you discount and make you pay lesser than the agreed interest.

How to get loan from PayLater

Now here is the most important part. How do you get loan from PayLater? Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Google Play and download Carbon app
  2. Once The App is installed on your phone, click on its icon to lunch it
  3. Sign up with your phone number
  4. Fill your personal information correctly
  5. Ones successfully signed up, click on the loan button to apply
  6. Apply and wait for approval
  7. Once loan is approved, your balance is credited
  8. Withdraw the money into your bank account

Alternatively, you can access Patlater loan with the ussd code as mentioned earlier.


Like other loan apps, there are some requirements you need to meet in order to get loan from paylater. Some of them are listed below

  • Be 18 years and above
  • Have a means of repayment
  • Have good credit history
  • Live in Nigeria
  • Have a Bank Verification Number, BVN
  • A working ATM card
  • Phone Number for registration


PayLater is a reliable loan app. One good thing about them is that they don’t defame defaulters as many loan sharks do. However ensure you take loan from them only if you have a means to pay back.

Thank you.

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