Palmpay USSD Code to transfer, check balance & for airtime purchase

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A lot of people have been asking for Palmpay ussd code for transfer, check balance and or buy airtime. So in this post, I answer your questions.

No doubt that you’ve heard about the app that saves you lots of money for your daily banking transactions.

It’s such a cool and nice thing to perform all your transactions without paying a dime for those ridiculous interbank transfers and sms charges.

What’s more interesting is to know if you can do these transactions (transfer money and buy airtime) with the help of USSD codes.

This post here is to give information about PalmPay ussd code:

  • to transfer money to other palmpay users and other banks
  • To check your money balance without internet
  • And for 24 7 airtime purchase without hassle

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Let’s start with how to fund your palmpay wallet using ussd code.

How to fund your PalmPay wallet using ussd code

Recently, PalmPay has announced that customers of both Access bank and Zenith bank can henceforth fund (send money to) their PalmPay wallet using USSD code.


However this has to be done directly from the PalmPay app

To do this, just login to your PalmPay app and follow the steps as contained in the video.

PalmPay code to transfer money

If you’re a lover of ussd code, you’ll want to know if palmpay has a code to transfer money from the app. Interestingly, the company is yet to introduce ussd code for the purpose of either airtime or money transfer.

The way to transfer your money is through the app. To do this open the palmpay app and perforce your money transfer from there. The process is straightforward.

PalmPay ussd code to check balance

Just like it is with USSD code for transfer, the beloved FinTech app hasn’t introduced the use of code for checking your balance.

If your want to check your palmpay balance, you can only do it through the palmpay app. This will require you to have internet enabled phone and some mobile data on it.

PalmPay ussd for airtime purchase

To purchase airtime from Palmpay, you can do that by login in to your palmpay app, look for ‘airtime’ button, and from there you can buy any amount of airtime you wish.

At this time you cannot buy airtime on palmpay with USSD code as the company is yet to introduce the feature.


Please note that, this place has been reserved for updating you as regard palmpay ussd code feature. I will update this post as soon as the feature is out for use.

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