PalmPay OK Card Overdraft – 5 Things to know before taking it!

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Here in this post I’ll be discussing about PalmPay ok card Overdraft and 5 important things to know before taking it.  I encourage you to read this carefully.

1. Overdraft Interest

PalmPay Overdraft interest is reasonable enough compared with other apps. You should get something between 2 to 5 percent interest and I think that’s fair enough.

You need to pay back in time so that you won’t have to pay additional fees.

2. Palmpay can lock your phone

The first think you must put in mind before taking an overdraft from palmpay is that if you fail to pay back as and when due, they will lock your phone using their PalmPay security plugin.

What’s more is that you won’t be able to use your phone until you make payment.

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3. They may ask for two numbers

Before you can take a reasonable amount Palmpay ok card overdraft you may be required to give them numbers of 2 people.

These are the first numbers they’ll call in case your number isn’t reachable for any reasons.

These people can be your friends or family members. You must submit only their active phone numbers.

4. Palmpay is legit

If you want to know if palmpay is legit or scam I can tell you they are legit. I’ve personally use many of their services including sending funds to any banks and purchasing of mobile data and airtime.

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Also their app is on playstore which means the app is safe to install on your phone

5. Palmpay can call your contact

You need to make sure you pay your overdraft on time or they may call your contact, especially the ones you submitted as your while taking the overdraft.

For some people this can be a lot of embarrassment so to avoid this you should think well and ensure you only make use of palmpay overdraft if you have a means of repayment.

Palmpay ok card Overdraft Limit

You can increase your palmpay overdraft limit if it’s too small. Find in the app, under settings what you can do tí increase it.

For some it may be adding bank ATM card and for you it may be adding your BVN.

If you want a better options you can read about these loan apps without BVN and with low interest rates

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Carbon (Paylater) USSD Code for loan, interest rate and repayment


In conclusion, please only take PalmPay ok card Overdraft that you can pay back. Ensure you pay on time to avoid additional fees.

If you have any question, drop them as comments and I’ll get back to you asap.

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  1. Wil my phone be blocked after the first due date of my palmpay flexi cash ? Today is my due date will I be blocked? I can pay tomorrow

  2. Pls pam pay… A message on my phone saying my felix card ok card is over due… That i should pay up my debt… And m not aware of doing any transanction with pam pay can u help me … A message is appearing on my screen

  3. Good day pls even after I have paid my palm pay loan I will still later receive notification that am ok card Flexi loan is over due I don’t understand.Does palm pay automatically renew ones loan when loan has been paid?Pls I need to know what’s happening

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