How to repay palmpay ok card or deactivate overdue reminder

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Now you want to learn how to repay palmpay OK card. You will also see how to deactivate or stop overdue reminder.

In this post I will show you everything step by step, so follow me as I walk you through the process.

What is PalmPay OK card?

PalmPay OK card is a digital financial feature that let’s eligible customers buy now (from the available items or products in the app) and pay later for what they bought.

This mini loan from PalmPay is interest-free for every customer as long as they repay on time.

If you do not make repayment on time, you will accrue some interest but they are reasonable compared to what other companies charge as late fees.

Note that this is only a digital financial feature and does not come with any physical card. You can only spend the money from it within the app.

How to repay PalmPay OK card

To repay palmpay ok card is simple. All you need is follow the steps below:

  1. Lunch the app
  2. Under service section, click on OK Credit
  3. A page will come up containing credit limit, available amount and current outstanding
  4. The current outstanding is the amount you’re to repay.
  5. Click on repay and select your repayment method.
  6. Once your repayment is successful, your palmpay credit limit will be topped up

 Useful Codes

Here are some codes you can use while using PalmPay OK card feature:

Invitation or referral code

To find your palmpay referral code or invitation code, go to the ‘Me’ section of the PalmPay app and scroll down until you see option to copy invitation code. Click on it and your referral code will display for you to see.

If you need invitation code here’s one you can use anytime 9YX2H5.

Activation code

You can activate PalmPay OK card from the app. Check under the service section of the app and click ‘OK card’. There you will be able to activate it if you’re using the feature for the first time.

Ussd code

PalmPay does not have ussd code feature or service for OK card loan. Here are other loan apps that allows ussd code

How to deactivate palmpay overdue reminder

If your loan had been overdue, palmpay will send overdue notice to your phone. If you’re irritated by this, you can deactivate palmpay overdue reminder under your phone settings.

To do this:

  • Open PalmPay app
  • Under the homepage, click on finance
  • You will see a hamburger icon at the top right corner, click on it to open options
  • Select deactivate security plugin
  • Note that, for this to work you must have make a repayment for your ok loan first.
  • Once this is done, you’re all set
  • That’s it

If this does not work for you, you can contact PalmPay for more assistance.

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Thank you for coming to my post. Please if you have any questions regarding this post do not hesitate to ask through the comment section below.

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      1. I do not have any thing to do with palm pay but there is is a watermark overdue reminder showing on my phone can I get over this…?

          1. Same here to far pls you guys should please remove this reminder on my phone now i don’t know anything about it

      2. Please I want this overdue reminder off my phone screen, I don’t even know anything about ok card

  1. There are on the screen of my phone, please how do I get rid of this. I don’t have a palmpay account neither, so o don’t understand the wrote up saying my OK card bill has been overdue.

  2. Please you people disturb me to repay my money and you gave me deadline,which is today 22/7/2022, and we both agreed that if i refund my account and clear my bill you will deactivate the Okay cash, now i have repaid and am not holding anything with you people, please deactivate the Okay cash,let me have rest of mind here please.

    1. How can l remove the ok card from my phone
      The account number my friend used to invite me he don’t no it again
      How can l access my phone so l can pay off

  3. Please i bought this phone from a guy named Chikamso Godian Tier. Without knowing he had a plan of borrowing money from you. I just paid the last one he borrowed and I think he may want to borrow more from you. Please all I want you to do is block him so he won’t have access borrowing money with this phones serial number anymore. Here are his details:

    Basic Info
    Full Name Chikamso Godian Tier TIER1
    Mobile Number 09160182814. These are his information.

  4. Hello Sir
    I brought a phone from guy , After one week of using that i Saw a message told me that the same phone i use has been used to borrow money from palmpay and the was restricted
    Please sir what Can i do?

  5. Please my phone was blocked this morning, I bought the phone from Emeka Emesinwa last year October, I don’t didn’t borrow from palmpay, please what can I do

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