Palmpay loan app, code, interest, repayment, loan extension and more

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Whether you’re looking for Palmpay loan code or app review, you’re in the right place. For easiest way to borrow money on palmpay, click here 

PalmPay loan Interest

PalmPay loan interest is between 3 and 10 percent of the principal loan. This is a fair interest considering the risk involve in the part of the company.

Also you may need to confirm their current interest, as this may change from time to time, and especially from the time of writing this article.


Repayment of loans from palmpay is super easy. Just login with the app and fund it. You will see option for repayment right within the app.

You may also make the repayment directly from your bank instead of funding the app first. All options for this is available in the palmpay loan app.

App apk download

The app can be downloaded and installed from play store for Android users or Apple app store for iPhone users.

PalmPay app does not occupy much space on your phone, so you do not need to have too many space before downloading it.

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PalmPay Loan extension

The app does not provide loan extension. However the interest is fair enough for anyone to meet up with.

But if for any reason you’re unable to make repayment on the due date, you may want to contact PalmPay customer care and rest assured you will be listened to.

app review

Palmpay app is super easy to navigate. The unique interface (UI) is properly designed by well experienced developers.

In addition, the app has over rated 4+ over 5 on Google play store, which means people are happy using it.

On nairaland

The only viable and trustworthy place to get palmpay loan is through their app not via nairaland or any other websites.

Avoid anyone who may claim to be a PP agent on nairaland to not fall victim of scam.

Palmpay loan code

At the moment palmpay loan code is not available to users. The company is yet to introduce ussd code for accessing their services. For how to borrow money from palmpay, click here

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