PalmPay Flexi Cash, Invitation Code, Benefits, how to Withdraw

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Recently PalmPay has announced a change to the name of one of its products, OK cash to Flexi or Flexi Cash.

In this post, you will find all information about this product and the benefits you cab derive from it.

Palmpay Flexi

Flexi is a palmpay product that allows customers to buy now and pay later withing the app. You have access to a certain amount within the app that let you buy data, airtime, TV subscriptions or even pay for game betting.

One benefit of this product is that you don’t pay for interest as long as you make repayment on or before the due date.

The money can also be so helpful in sorting out some needs now and make payment later.

One drawback of Flexi is that the money cannot be directly transferred or withdrawn into your bank account.

However, there’s an official way to withdraw your Flexi money. Transfer all the Flexi money to your online batting wallet (eg Bet9ja) and withdraw it to your bank from there.

If you don’t have account with any of such sites you can create one solely for this purpose.

Flexi Cash

Flexi Cash on the other hand is a PalmPay loan product that can be used to meet your urgent needs. You can borrow up to 50,000 naira and pay back easily with good and reasonable interest rate.

I’ve written some other detailed articles on some of PalmPay products. You can find them below:

PalmPay Invitation Code

If you need my flexi invitation code, here is it 9YX2H5. You can use it to register today or any time.

If you want to join their referral program and earn some money, you can get PalmPay Flexi invitation code from the app.

All you need to do in order to make money is share the invitation code. Once people register or sign up with your link, you get paid.

How to get your PalmPay invitation Code

Watch this video below to learn how to easily get invitation code for PalmPay

Flexi anniversary

PalmPay is offering 100 million naira giveaway to lucky winners for its 1 year anniversary. To participate, you only need to login to the app and collect some badges.

You can complete some tasks to boost your chances of getting more rewards. Some of the tasks include payment of bills, buying of airtime or data, and invite friends.

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  1. Please help me there is watermark on my phone say your flex card is overdue and I didn’t have any do with OKcard please help

  2. I took 2000 loan from from flexi loan n dey deduct 1750 from my account and 195 again but they still send me text that I should pay my loan pls I don’t understand wat going on

  3. I will stop using this app cuz I won’t deposit money there n flexi loan Will deduct my money after Dey deduct their money….you just lose a customer PalmPay 💯

  4. I did not borrow any money bt money was deducted from my acct, I don’t know what is wrong with PalmPay, I have no issue with flexi money or whatever. I might withdraw all my money and delete this app soon

  5. Please kindly explain what this app is meant for,l can’t understand #2000 was deducted from my wallet without applying for the app

  6. I also have a watermark over my screen asking me to settle overdue Flexi Pay bill within today. I have never used this service before. What do I do?

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