Palmpay 10 naira deal – how to become a winner

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Palmpay 10 naira deal Deal, formerly known as Grab deals, offers users the opportunity to participate in an ongoing daily promotion that can give you chance to win important items.

The promotion has been rebranded and brought to you with exciting offers. Now you can not only win items but also get up to cash of N100,000.

To join this N10 deal, all you have to do is have a palmpay account and on the homepage, click on N10 deal. You will see lots of fantastic offers you can join for a token of 10 naira.

Here’s the rule to follow in order to be a winner of the palmpay 10 naira deal

PalmPay 10 naira Deals offers users the opportunity to participate in ongoing deals daily with a chance to win the item.

1. Items are displayed daily and all users can participate in the scramble for the item by paying ₦10.

2. Any user who have never joined ₦10 Deals before will get a free lucky ticket to join any available deal without N10 charge.

3. Every participant will get N20 in coupons back for every lucky ticket purchase.

4. Each lucky ticket contains a lucky number, you win if your lucky number matches The Winning Lucky Number drawn.

5. Each winner will get a free lucky ticket once they share their prize announcement with friends.

6. A lucky ticket purchase is only confirmed when N10 payment has been completed successfully and lucky tickets cannot be returned or canceled once payment is completed.

7. If the lucky ticket payment fails or is pending, payment must be attempted again for the user to participate in the ₦10 deals.

8. Each item on display is assigned a maximum number of lucky tickets by the system which must be full or at least 80% completed within 24 hours before the winning lucky number can be selected.

9. Where the deal tickets required are completed within the time limit, all ₦10 ticket payments will be refunded in general coupons worth ₦20 each to the participants of all successful deals that did not win.

10. Coupons must be used within validity period of 5 days.

11. The Winning Lucky Number will be chosen, for each deal, once all the lucky tickets for that deal have been purchased or at 10am the next day once at least 80% of the lucky tickets required for the deal have been purchased and deals with incomplete tickets are aborted.

12. Users are expected to provide valid addresses while purchasing their lucky tickets as items will be delivered to user’s address once their lucky number has been chosen.

13. If the address provided is incorrect and the delivery company is unable to locate address, the user will be required to pay the full cost of the courier to have the item re-delivered.

14. If the winner cannot be reached after 3 days, PalmPay reserves the right to recall the product.

15. Each user is required to use a unique PalmPay account to apply to participate in the ₦10 deals, multiple applications are not allowed.

16. This campaign is only available to PalmPay users over the age of 18 years and is subject to the terms and conditions of the PalmPay app, not the Apple or Google play store.

Please note that PalmPay reserve the right to disqualify certain user’s eligibility in participating and claiming the prize of PalmPay 10 naira Deals due to any of the following reasons:

1. If you are not eligible to participate as deemed by PalmPay;

2. If you fail to ensure all information provide to us from time to time is truthful, accurate, current and complete;

3. If you have been previously blacklisted in our rewards incentive program;

4. If you have been found to carry out any act of sabotage;

5. If you participate in this activity with any robot, spider, crawler or reward software or any other improper or automatic means;

6. If you fail to perform your obligations under the terms of use on;

7. If you are in breach or suspected of breach of relevant laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

In view of the many uncertain factors of the internet, please note that if for any reason of force majeure, network, communications line failure, large scale computer paralysis and large scale cheating, if you proceed with it, PalmPay has the right to take measures including but not limited eliminating anomalies or adjusting, suspending or canceling the palmpay 10 naira deal activity through various means and PalmPay will not be liable for any losses caused to you.



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