Palmcredit whatsapp line, Customer Care phone number & email

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You want to talk to palmcredit customer care either via their WhatsApp line, phone number or email address but aren’t sure of any of these contact details, you can contact Palm credit on 23417001000
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Palmcredit offer loads of personal and business loan options that you can take advantage of.

Most of their offers meet your requirements as they come without much paperwork.

If you’re a customer already and need to speak to palmcredit customer care, you may want to go to their office address or just chat with them via their whatsapp number.

You can get in touch with their customer care agents through any of the following means:

Palmcredit Phone Number

One of the easiest ways to contact Palmcredit is through their phone number. You can call their customer service line on 23417001000 to speak to a representative.

The customer service line is available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Contact Email Address

Another way to contact Palmcredit is through their email address. If you prefer the email option, you can reach out to Palmcredit by sending an email to You should receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Palmcredit Whatsapp Number

If you prefer to send a message via Whatsapp, you can do so by adding the Palmcredit Whatsapp number to your contacts. The Whatsapp number is 234017001000.

You can send a message to this number, and a customer service representative will respond as soon as possible.

Office Address

If you prefer to visit Palmcredit’s office in person, you can do so by going to their address at Ogunnusi road besides county hospital, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria.

You can speak to a customer service representative in person and get immediate assistance.


In conclusion, there are several ways to contact Palmcredit, including their phone number, email, Whatsapp number, and office address.

Choose the option that is most convenient for you, and a customer service representative will be available to assist you.

Remember to provide all the necessary details about your inquiry, including your account number, to ensure that you receive the best assistance.

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