Bank Savings account for kids and teens in Nigeria

Best banks to open savings account for kids in Nigeria

It is the duty of every parent to position their children for a lifelong journey to success by giving them the very best start in life. One sure way to achieve this objective is to…

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What is Google Adsense Ads and how does it work?

Google Adsense is one of the best and easiest way to make money on your website or blog? Please note that this is a report for people who aren’t familiar with How Google Adsense works….

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eNaira digital currency, what it is and how it works

With the widely acceptance of cryptocurrency in today’s economy all over the world,  Nigeria government has come up with an innovative eNaira digital currency. Recently, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced plans to launch…

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Excellent guide on types of Crypto wallets and features to look for

For answers to questions like what is cryptocurrency wallet, types of Crypto wallets features to look for before making decisions, etc., read this comprehensive guide carefully. Cryptocurrencies are completely virtual. So if you want to…

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GTBank loan code: interest rate, requirements and repayment ussd

It doesn’t matter if you’re a salary earner or self-employed.  Now, you can obtain the GTBank loan that you need almost immediately by following the instructions here, and pay it back within a year depending…

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