Opay Current Valuation 2023 / 2024

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Opay has made remarkable strides in the financial sector, achieving a staggering $2 billion valuation as of 2021. However, as we come to 2024, one would ask, what is opay current valuation?

This significant 2021 valuation milestone was reached following a substantial $400 million funding round.

The round was spearheaded by SoftBank, a notable Japanese investment firm, marking a significant leap from its early days as a quirky startup.

What is OPay Current Valuation in 2024

OPay has made significant strides, securing a substantial valuation as of 2024. The company’s current valuation stands at approximately $8 billion.

Originating in Lagos, Nigeria, OPay quickly expanded its portfolio, offering a range of services from payments processing to agent banking.

Its agent banking model is particularly innovative, providing point-of-sale machines and software to local agents, allowing them to function like banks.

Post-2019, OPay shifted its focus more towards payment services, a move that has been pivotal in its growth in markets like Egypt and Nigeria.

OPay’s journey exemplifies the potential of fintech in Africa, showcasing rapid growth and attracting significant investment interest.

Its story is not just about financial success but also about the transformative impact of technology in emerging markets.


In conclusion, OPay’s journey from its inception to its 5-year milestone and its impressive valuation in 2024 paints a picture of a thriving payment platform in the African market.

As it continues to evolve, OPay remains a significant player, reshaping the landscape of mobile payments in Nigeria and beyond.

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