No card account is attached to this mobile – Zenith bank code error

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Did you encounter this error, “No card account is attached to this mobile”, while trying to use Zenith Bank ussd code for the first time?

Don’t worry, in this post I will show you what you can do to get over it.

Sometimes we may need to perform some urgent and emergency action on our bank account or ATM card.

Like if for instance you misplaced your Card. But unfortunately you dial the usual code but encounter this error.

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Here are 3 things you can do

1. Reboot: Switch off your phone and switch it back on. Sometimes some error can be fixed on any phone by just rebooting it.

This is the first step to try in bringing normalcy to many issues like this

2. Clear your phone cache. Clearing your phone cache can be of help to resolving this problem.

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There are several mobiles apps that can help you perform this easily one of them that comes with most Android phone is phone master.

3. Call Zenith bank Customer support. If you need to use this feature badly and it’s giving you problem, the last resort is to contact the Zenith bank support number or chat with them on social media.


In case you get this no card account is attached to this mobile issue fixed, please let me know via the comment section.

Thank you.

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