Monkey cash Loan app how to use, benefits and features

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Monkey Kash is an instant personal cash loan platform in the UK, offering fast and easy online loans without the need for collateral or guarantees.

This blog post will provide a comprehensive overview of Monkey Kash, including relevant company and loan details.

Loan Product

  • Loan Limit Range: £500 – £5,000
  • Loan Term: 91 days – 365 days
  • Annual Interest Rate (maximum): 35% per year (APR), no additional management costs

Example: If you choose a loan limit of £5,000 with a period of 91 days, the total interest to be paid is £436. The total returning cost will be £5,436, with a monthly payment of £1,812.

Why Choose Monkey Kash

  1. No guarantee: Apply for a loan by simply completing the required information.
  2. Online process: All processes are conducted online, and loans are disbursed directly after review.
  3. Personal data and privacy protection: Monkey Kash ensures your personal information is secure.

How to Use Monkey Kash

  1. Fill in the online loan form.
  2. Receive approval.
  3. Loan is disbursed directly to your account.

Monkey Kash provides fast online loan services without collateral, offering customers various loan periods to suit their needs. The entire process is conducted online, ensuring convenience and security.

Key Features

  • No Guarantee: Monkey Kash is a fast online loan platform that does not require any property guarantees.
  • Easy to Use: Download the Monkey Kash app, fill in your personal data, and experience a fast review process. All processes are conducted via your mobile phone.
  • Repayment Options: Repay Monkey Kash loans via ATM transfer, mobile banking, internet banking, or digital wallet. You will receive an SMS confirmation after successful payment.

Company and Loan Details

Company Information Loan Details
Email: Loan Limit Range: £500 – £5,000
Service Hours: Monday-Sunday 08:00-20:00 Loan Term: 91 days – 365 days
Business Location: Kawasan GIIC, Nagasari, Bekasi, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17330 Indonesia Annual Interest Rate (maximum): 35% per year (APR)

About Monkey Kash

Monkey Kash is a financial technology company that leverages internet technology to provide unsecured loans.

Their fast and easy loan process is made possible by special technology that collects, analyzes, and processes loan applications within 24 hours.

This service is available for individuals aged 18 years and older.

All rights reserved. Do not copy, rewrite or republish this content, in part or in whole, without proper credit to the source.

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