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MoneyLine offers a convenient platform for managing loans through their app. This comprehensive review will detail the services provided, loan details, and the time it takes to process a loan.

Managing Your Account with MoneyLine

MoneyLine provides an easy way to manage loans. The app enables users to apply for new loans, check their current loan balance, and make payments. Users can also request payment holidays, update personal information, and manage their savings.

Loan Products Offered

MoneyLine offers two types of loan products to its customers:

  1. Flexi: A loan with a tenure of 13 weeks to 52 weeks at an APR of 169%.
  2. E-Loan: A loan with a tenure of 12 to 24 months at an APR of 99%.

Loan Details Chart:

Loan Type Loan Period APR
Flexi 13 weeks – 52 weeks 169%
E-Loan 12 months – 24 months 99%

Loan Repayment Example

For instance, if you borrow £400 for 32 weeks under the Flexi loan plan, you will have 32 payments of £16.81 at an APR of 169%. The total amount repayable is £537.82.

How Long Does It Take?

The processing time for loans may vary depending on the customer’s profile and the completeness of the submitted documents. However, once approved, funds are typically disbursed quickly.

Contacting MoneyLine

To contact MoneyLine, users can send secure messages through the app and request a callback.

In conclusion, MoneyLine offers an easy, safe way to manage loans. Before choosing a loan product, ensure you understand the terms and conditions to make an informed decision.

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